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Advance Biomedical Treatment Center
What is functional medicine?
Advance Biomedical Treatment Center

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE integrates effects of ENVIRONMENTAL toxins to health and development of disease. Functional Medicine is the “bridge” that enables a person to cross to and from a state of well-being to development of illness.

The human body is in constant flax of maintaining homeostasis; in other words, it is constantly trying to “stay healthy”. Disease sets in when organisms (bacteria, virus, parasite, yeast) invade the body, when toxins seep into our tissues, when certain substances (nutrients) are removed or deficient, when certain pathways are malfunctioning or destroyed (methylation, transulfuration) and eventually unable to perform detoxification. The human body then succumbs to disease or illness. Disorder refers to malfunctioning of - and Syndrome refers to a constellation of symptoms.

There are many approaches to treatment. Unfortunately, in our current money-driven, pharmaceutically dominated, media-controlled world, prescription medication is the only widely accepted approach. We have overlooked that the human body is capable of healing itself.

Using Functional Medicine we are able to understand the underlying causes of chronic illnesses by testing for environmental toxins (heavy metal toxicity, xenobiotics), nutritional deficiencies and the biochemical effects at the cellular level (mitochondrial dysfunction, gut dysbiosis, leaky gut, immune dysfunction). We treat chronic illnesses by boosting immune system, replacing nutrients, restoring proper gut function, removing toxins, and maximizing body’s capacity to detoxify. By performing these above strategies, we are able to provide alternatives to prescription medications.

We believe that a healthy gut leads to a healthy brain. We promote various healthy therapeutic diets and encourage “green- living” inside and out!

As a physician, I have taken the oath to keep you healthy. Preserving your health means treating acute and chronic illness, and maintaining peace of mind, body and soul.

Advance Biomedical Treatment Center Verju
Advance Biomedical Treatment Center Verju

Biomedical Intervention

Metabolic Detoxification

Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Laboratory Testing

Vitamin & Nutritional Supplement Store

Weight-loss Program (12-week Program)

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Treating Women’s Health – the Natural Way
Learn about the "ultimate diet" that will help alleviate almost all of your chronic symptoms including prevention and adjunctive treatment of cancer. You will hear about the fascinating benefits of vitamins and supplements especially those that particularly replace hormonal balance.

July 23 Wed 6:30PM - 8PM
St. Francis Care @Simsbury - 1502 Hopmeadow St (Rte 10) at 30 Dorset Crossing Drive Simsbury, CT
Contact: Sally Lerman (860)409-1955 to register.

Metabolic Detoxification, Medical Weight Loss, Body Contouring & Cellulite Treatment
The ultimate and state-of-the-art 4-in-1 program that gets you losing up to 4 pounds or 1 inch in 40 minutes and feeling better, looking younger in just 2 weeks. The VERJU COLD LASER THERAPY is a therapeutic green (low level or cold) laser that enters the cells via photoreceptors, melts the fat, and puts tiny holes in the membrane causing emulsified fat to seep out into the lymphatics and thru the bloodstream. Coupled with our exclusive metabolic detoxification and medical weight loss program, it is the ultimate program that gives no pain, no side effects, and no downtime. It seems too good to be true, but it is true! Even cellulite melts away! See our amazing results and learn the science behind it.

September 9 Tues 6:30PM - 8PM
St. Francis Care @Avon – 35 Nod Road Avon CT
Contact: Sally Lerman (860)409-1955 to register.

November 6 Thurs 6:30PM - 8PM
St. Francis Care @Simsbury - 1502 Hopmeadow St (Rte.10) at 30 Dorset Crossing Drive Simsbury
Contact: Sally Lerman (860)409-1955 to register.

The Many Uses of Cold Laser Therapy
Listen to a fascinating lecture about a revolutionary low-level Cold laser therapy that can get rid of pain and many other conditions with no side effects, no surgery, and no downtime. Through a double-blind clinical trial, the ERCHONIA LASER has been proven to decrease pain by 60%! Cold laser enters the tissue via photoreceptors, alters the cell membrane permeability, and invigorates the mitochondria producing more energy, and thus improving the health of the tissue or cell. Results are immediate. It is helpful for all kinds of conditions from autism, neuropathy, colitis, acute/chronic pain, and post-operative pain.

October 29 Wed 6:30PM - 8PM
St. Francis Care @Glastonbury - 31 Sycamore Commons Glastonbury, CT
Contact: Erin Ballou (860)979-1940 to register.

Improving Mental Health – the Natural Way
There is more to improving mental health than just taking prescription medications. Most people don’t know that the “chemicals” in our brain, called neurotransmitters, are produced in the gut. Most of us have mood instability (anxiety, depression, psychosis, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anger, and aggression) simply because our neurotransmitters are out-of-balance. By replacing the normal balance of neurotransmitters, most behaviors and mood problems improve. Listen to more ideas about how you can improve your mental health the natural way.

November 19 Wed 6:30PM - 8PM
St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center – 114 Woodland Street Hartford, CT 06109
Contact: (860)714-4450 to register.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) for Chronic Illness
If you have a chronic disease and have been suffering with pain, fatigue, brain fog, chronic infections (including Lyme), neurologic dysfunctions, and you think you have done everything for it, listen to this engaging lecture of the many uses of HBOT. It has been studied and found successful for use in diabetic ulcers, multiple concussion, traumatic brain injury, stroke, cerebral palsy, cancer, anti-aging, atherosclerosis (heart disease), and inflammation.

December 3 Wed 6:30PM - 8PM
St. Francis Care @Avon – 35 Nod Road Avon, CT 060
Contact: Sally Lerman (860)409-1955 to register.

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My husband and I attended your April talk in Bloomfield on "Autism is Treatable". We are grandparents of a now 3-year old little boy. Your message about diet was so informative, especially dairy-free diet. We tried to impress the parents. We asked-and-asked that they try gluten-free and dairy-free meals, etc. We did not get anywhere. Then, suddenly, they agreed to go to your May talk -- their world and my grandson's world have changed. It's like a curtain has been raised. My grandson's life has improved so much along with his parents and us. His mother and father have thanked us for "making" them go to the May "Autism is Treatable" talk. So, this is a BIG, BIG Thank You from all of us to you.
S, R, C, and grandparents

I came to see Dr. Comia because I was truly at my wit's end. I had been battling an eating disorder for many years, and no "diet" or treatment would work.

Dr. Comia had me try the Gluten-Free, Casein-Free diet, and gave me supplements to help me. Within just a few days, I felt better, and within a few weeks, I felt like I had been released from imprisonment that had been plaguing me for much of my life.

Thank you Dr. Comia for giving me my life back!
H.W. - Simsbury, CT

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