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Minimalist footwear maker Vibram jumps feet first into barefoot tech debate

Vibram launched FiveFingers toe shoes in 2005 and now, 13 years later, barefoot running is having a second revolution. By freeing your toes from traditional shoes — aka “foot coffins”— the idea is they function more... More>>

This prototype chainless bike may be the future of cycling

At Eurobike in Germany, CeramicSpeed has unveiled a prototype new chainless crankset that uses ceramic bearings to create a more efficient drive system, eliminating the traditional chain as a result. More>>

Elon Musk sends SpaceX and Boring Company engineers to aid in a rescue mission

The rescue team dedicated to saving the Thai soccer team that has been trapped in a cave for nearly two weeks is growing larger. According to Elon Musk, engineers from both his ambitious companies are heading to Thailand. More>>

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4

Ready for an all new Apple Watch for 2018? It looks like Apple may be planning a complete redesign with improved health features. Here are all the details about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4. More>>

FBI arrests ex-Apple engineer who stole autonomous car trade secrets

The FBI arrested a former Apple engineer named Xiaolang Zhang after he admitted to downloading confidential files from the firm's self-driving car division. He told investigators he planned to provide them to Chinese... More>>

Amazon Prime deal: Today only, save $150 on a refurbished Dyson Ball Vacuum

Amazon Prime Day lead-up deals are really just a taste of the savings to come, but that doesn't lessen the fact that you can get a great piece of tech for a great price. The Dyson Ball Upright Vacuum has been discounted by... More>>

Microsoft’s foldable ‘Andromeda’ pocket device may never surface

Sources claim Microsoft’s two-screen “Andromeda” project may be put on hold indefinitely. Executives made the decision over the last several weeks to not include Andromeda components and services in the next Windows 10... More>>

As tax credits expire, the cost of buying a Tesla increases

Without a hefty tax credit enticing new customers, it's possible Tesla may run into sales issues in the near future. Federal tax benefits for Tesla purchases are being phased out at the end of the year. More>>

The first ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ beta starts August 3. Here’s how to join

Activision and Treyarch will be holding the first multiplayer beta test for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 this August. Here's how to get into the beta and start shooting up your competition. More>>

Beat the heat with this super-cool personal air conditioning unit

Taking the form of a 7-Eleven Big Gulp cup, the Airwirl is actually a personal AC device that is small enough to fit in a cup holder and big enough to pack a punch of hot or cool air into your face. More>>

Save $50 on the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom speaker, today only

Finding a good Bluetooth speaker at a price that won't send you spiraling into debt is a lot more difficult than you'd think. When you see a deal like this come through the pipeline, you really shouldn't pass it up. More>>

The Brava Smart Oven cooks with light, and for under $1,000

Cooking with fire was so 600,000 years ago. These days, you're cooking with light. At least, that is, if you're cooking with Brava and its new Pure Light Cooking technology. The smart oven will cost you $995. More>>

Garmin’s Edge Explore cycling computer keeps riders connected and more safe

The Garmin Edge Explore touchscreen bike computer offers riders all of the metric-tracking they've come to expect, as well as connected features like live tracking, group messaging, turn-by-turn navigation, and much more. More>>

Hot dog? There’s finally a wearable that protects your pooch from heat stroke

Giving a wearable device to a dog sounds excessive, but this temperature-monitoring harness could actually save your pooch's life from possible heat stroke. Here's how you can get hold of one. More>>

Futuristic bandage can monitor wounds and deliver drug treatment

The technology behind this smart bandage could someday help transform medical treatment, enabling a doctor to more closely monitor her patient’s condition, while more actively treating the problem. More>>

Frustrated ‘Splatoon 2’ player hijacks leaderboard to call out cheaters

A frustrated Splatoon 2 player recently hijacked the game's leaderboards to call out Nintendo for its lack of anti-cheat protection in the game. Cheaters have become prevalent over the last few months. More>>

Want to file a formal complaint with the FCC? That’ll be $225, please

Internet slowing you down? Sure, you can file a complaint with the FCC, but it may soon cost you $225 to do so. The FCC will vote on new changes Thursday intended to streamline how formal and informal complaints are handled. More>>

Amazon Alexa enrolls in Northeastern, where she’ll serve as a study buddy

For students at Boston's Northeastern University, Amazon's virtual assistant is much more than a helper around the house -- she's also lending a hand in college, offering key information like class schedules and tuition... More>>

Apple Photos ditches prints, but third-party extensions could be even better

Apple Photos will soon take its last print order. Instead, the default photo management app on macOS will allow for third-party extensions for photo orders, including options from WhiteWall and Shutterfly. More>>

NASA wants help coming up with ways to get rid of astronauts’ space trash

NASA is looking for outside organizations to help it come up withnew ways to dispose of astronauts' garbage for space missions. It's space exploration for the crowdsourcing generation! More>>

Facebook wants to own your face. Here’s why that’s a privacy disaster

(in)Secure is a weekly column that dives into the rapidly escalating topic of cybersecurity. Scanning your face is easier than remembering a password, that’s for sure. But while facial recognition technology has gone... More>>

Apple’s sticky key problem isn’t going away on the 2018 MacBook Pro

Sticky keys will likely continue to be a problem for owners looking to purchase Apple's 2018 MacBook Pro. While the laptop comes with a quieter keyboard, Apple did not provide an engineering fix to address problems with... More>>

Netgear router bug let hackers steal classified documents on drones, tanks

Hackers were able to steal classified military training and maintenance documents following a breach of a standard Netgear router that still maintained the default administrator password. More>>

Nintendo follows up on ‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’ by teasing new content

Although Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has been available for more than a year, the excellent racer is still in Nintendo's plans going forward. In a video, Nintendo's head of software development said more updates are on the way. More>>

It’s going to get crowded with Alexa, Siri, and Google in your bathroom

Voice-enabled bathroom appliances and fixtures join the growing list of smart home devices controlled by voice assistants. Amazon Alexa has the most skills today, but apps for Apple Siri and Google Home Assistant are... More>>

GameCube’s ‘Animal Crossing’ has an emulator capable of playing NES games

Security researcher James Chambers discovered the NES emulator in the GameCube version of Animal Crossing can be tricked into playing nearly any NES game loaded onto the system's memory card. More>>

Want to burn Sonic the Hedgehog into your morning meal? Sega can help

Sega, the Japanese video game company, is branching out of games and into home appliances by way of a toaster that burns an image of Sonic the Hedgehog directly into your morning meal. More>>

Building a new home in the U.K.? You may have to install an EV charging station

This week, the U.K. government unveiled a new plan to create a more environmentally friendly future. One of the key proposals involves requiring new homes to come with built-in electric vehicle charging stations. More>>

Postmates delivers its on-demand service to 100 additional U.S. cities

Postmates' on-demand delivery service has launched in 100 more cities across the U.S., marking its biggest expansion to date as it seeks to take on the likes of Grubhub, UberEats, and DoorDash with fast meal delivery and... More>>

AT&T makes deal to sell the Magic Leap One Creator Edition AR headset in U.S.

AT&T said it signed a deal to be the exclusive wireless distributor of Magic Leap’s products in the United States. First up to bat will be the Magic Leap One Creator Edition headset that will be sold in select stores for now. More>>

Has science gone too far? ‘Pokémon: Let’s Go’ lets you give Eevee bangs

Pokémon: Let's Go offers several customization options for players, and these include, for some reason, the ability to give your precious Eevee bangs. The game launches on November 16. More>>

IPhone users can now access Morse code on Gboard for iOS

In a huge accessibility win, Google has announced that Gboard for iOS will be getting the option to type in Morse code. This mode will open smartphone technology up to many who find it hard to type on a regular keyboard. More>>

Intel upgrades the entry-level workstation market with six-core Xeon E CPUs

Intel now provides 10 new processors under the Xeon E-2100 Series brand targeting entry-level workstations. The new CPUs are an ideal upgrade for companies who haven’t refreshed their workstation hardware in three to five... More>>

You don’t even need waves to ride this electric hydrofoil surfboard

The Flite electric hydrofoil surfboard gives riders the ability to surf anytime and anywhere thanks to its onboard motor, wireless controller, and ability to generate it's own propulsion, eliminating the need for waves. More>>

‘Fortnite’ Season 5 heats things up with a new desert region

Epic Games has kicked off the fifth season of Fortnite: Battle Royale, and the studio introduced a new desert area in the southeast corner of the game's enormous map. Other additions include a new golf cart. More>>

Samsung brings 400 new jobs to South Carolina with a new customer care center

Samsung customer service is getting a major upgrade. On Thursday, the South Korean technology company announced the opening of a new "consumer care center" located in Greenville, South Carolina. More>>

What to expect at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event in August

The Galaxy Note 9 will be introduced to the world at Samsung Unpacked on August 9, but it's likely won't be the only new hardware in attendance. Here's everything you can expect to see at Samsung Unpacked 2018. More>>

Is there a new ‘next-generation’ Windows OS just around the corner?

Microsoft's rumored Core OS platform could be much closer to debuting than we originally thought, with Synaptics and AMD suggesting their new biometric technology could be used by a "next-generation" Windows. More>>

These living solar cells make energy, even in bad weather

Known as “biogenic” solar cells, these bacteria-powered cells could offer an alternative to synthetic cells currently used in conventional solar panels, providing an energy source despite bad weather. More>>

A few seconds cost an Apple store $27,000 worth of stolen merchandise

It took just seconds for a team of four thieves to make off with $27,000 worth of Apple products over the weekend. In an oddly effortless crime, the team of bandits ripped out electronics and made a run for it. More>>

Mac Mini could make a comeback this year with a rumored refresh

The Mac Mini may be the surprising star of Apple's rumored Mac hardware refresh later this year. After more than three years, Apple may be giving the Mac Mini new life with a more modern processor, delivering better... More>>

FDA approves freeze-dried blood plasma for use by U.S. troops

The FDA approved an experimental freeze-dried blood plasma for use by U.S. troops, even though it’s not available to the wider population at large. Here's why it could be a game-changer. More>>

December space launch could make Israel fourth country to land on moon

Israel could become the fourth country to land on the moon, should an unmanned spacecraft in December go according to plan, at least. Here's what you need to know about the mission. More>>

Google’s Chrome desktop browser is about to receive a major facelift

If you subscribe to Google’s nightly build of Chrome “Canary,” the latest release for Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS now sports a much-needed facelift thanks to the new Material Design user interface. It’s set as the default. More>>

Amazon Prime Day 2018 is coming to Whole Foods Markets, too

The magic of Amazon Prime Day isn't being relegated exclusively to Amazon's online home. Rather, you will be able to exercise your Prime membership benefits at Whole Foods Market, too. More>>

Apple’s HomePod only makes up 4 percent of the smart speaker market

Canalys recently published new data about the burgeoning smart speaker market and revealed that Apple's HomePod, once a highly anticipated competitor to the Google Home and Amazon Echo, isn't catching on the way the Apple... More>>

Two fast, aerodynamic road bikes make their debut at Tour de France

Just in time for the 2018 Tour de France, Cannondale and Specialized have taken the wraps off two new road bikes that use impressive gains in aerodynamics to reduce weight and drag, allowing them to be the fastest bikes ever. More>>

GoPro sold 30 million action cameras since 2009, and the Hero5 Black is its best-seller yet

GoPro has reached a new milestone, selling 30 million Hero cameras since 2009. The Hero5 Black is now its best-selling camera in record time. The company revealed the numbers ahead of its August 2 earnings report. More>>

R.I.P.: Nikon ends production of 1-series mirrorless cameras

Nikon is ceasing production of the 1-series, eliminating the company's only mirrorless lineup. Nikon offered no further details on why it's pulling the plug, but the news is also unsurprising. More>>

Tesla faces third safety investigation from California agency

Tesla is going through a bit of a rough patch. In addition to the production issues plaguing the Model 3, the company is currently under three investigations due to workplace-safety issues. More>>

Amazon may send out physical toy catalog for kids of all ages this holiday season

Here to fill the void that Toys R Us left is Amazon, which will soon be publishing a holiday toy catalog, something that sounds an awful lot like the strategy employed by brick-and-mortar retailers. More>>

Alexa makes for a good shopping buddy but Google Assistant may ‘get you’ better

A new survey of five digital advertising firms with roots in the smart speaker market reveals that while Amazon dominates shoppers, Google Assistant remains the go-to assistant for daily chatting. More>>

Smart home devices are being used in domestic abuse, report finds

A disturbing new trend leverages smart devices as tools of abuse, with some ill-intentioned people using their smartphones in order to remotely control smart home gadgets, and wreak emotional havoc on those inside. More>>

Developers may have been reading your private Gmail messages

If you thought your Gmail communications were private, think again. If you've used a third-party Gmail app or plugin, you could have given those developers access to read and scan your emails. Google claims that it vets... More>>

Google offers giant discounts on speakers and phones during its summer sale

Amazon Prime Day is fast approaching, but don't think that Amazon is the only online giant putting on a massive summer sale. Not to be outdone, Google is throwing a price-slashing party of its own. More>>

Only newer Sonos models will get AirPlay 2, but that’s not as bad as it sounds

After previously announced it would bring AirPlay 2 to its speakers, Sonos has clarified that while newer and future models will get support, older models don’t have the horsepower necessary to use it. More>>

Money-laundering ‘Bitcoin Maven’ receives one-year prison sentence

A former stockbroker known as the Bitcoin Maven was sentenced to a one-year prison term for laundering Bitcoin and operating an unlicensed money transmission business. Prosecutors wanted a 30-month sentence. More>>

The gloriously goofy ‘Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars’ expansion is out next week

Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars is the second expansion for Ubisoft's first-person shooter, and it will be available July 17. The expansion stars Nick Rye and Hurk Drubman Jr. from the main Far Cry 5 game. More>>

Watch out, Sony: Nintendo Switch predicted to outsell PS4 in 2018

NPD Group has released its latest video game industry projections, and it's more good news for the thriving Nintendo Switch. The industry analyst predicts the Switch will be the best-selling console of 2018. More>>

The Overwatch League goes mainstream with broadcasts coming to ESPN

The Overwatch League has been available to stream online since it began, but the esports league is coming to ESPN, Disney, and ABC, as well. The coverage kicks off tonight with the beginning of the playoffs. More>>

All 151 original Pokémon are now being turned into plush toys

The Pokémon Company is turning all 151 original Kanto-region Pokémon into plush toys, with the first batch scheduled to release on July 13. The plush toys are palm-sized and will cost about $10 each. More>>

New Nintendo Switch consoles reportedly tweaked to remove homebrew bug

New Nintendo Switch consoles have reportedly been tweaked to remove an exploit in its Nvidia Tegra processor that allowed users to load unapproved software. The bug cannot be fixed with a patch. More>>

Yale scientists edit genetic diseases out of mice before birth; humans are next

Researchers have demonstrated how gene editing can treat genetic conditions during pregnancy. The results could help the millions of children who are born each year with severe genetic disorders. More>>

Microsoft’s Surface Mobile Mouse is the ideal companion for your Surface Go

Along with introducing the $399 Surface Go, Microsoft revealed a new Surface Mobile Mouse you can pre-purchase now for $35. The peripheral will ship on August 2 in platinum, burgundy, and cobalt blue colors. More>>

Cornell’s popcorn-powered robots are far more practical than they sound

Popcorn is tasty, goes well with your favorite Saturday night movie and … could help power future robots? At least, that's the unorthodox conclusion from researchers at Cornell University. More>>

Appy birthday: A brief history of the App Store’s first 10 years

It's been a decade since the App Store changed our lives. Over the past ten years we've seen plenty of changes, from the birth of the freemium app to the completely revamped App Store in iOS 11. Here's a brief history of... More>>

IBeat Heart Watch detects when you go into cardiac arrest, is now available

While many wearables and health trackers are capable of tracking heart rate, devices that can detect when there's an emergency are rare. The iBeat Heart Watch alerts first responders when there's something wrong. More>>

Hinge wants to make first dates easier, launches ‘Most Compatible’ feature

Hinge's latest feature is here to help make its users' dating experiences more successful. With Most Compatible, the recommends who it thinks you would be most interested in dating and who would be most interested in... More>>

Hackers can purchase government login credentials for cheap on the dark web

McAfee discovered that hackers have access to many organizations that have weak credentials when using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop component in Windows-based PCs. Access to these organizations can be bought for very little... More>>

Felix Gray gears up for summer with blue-light filtering, stylish sunglasses

Ever notice eye issues or headaches after staring at a screen for too long? Computer glasses can help, and Felix Gray wants to make them stylish to wear. It now offers blue-light filtering sunglasses. More>>

Ready to party? Pinterest expands group boards with new activity feed, threads

Pinning with a group? Pinterest group boards are now more conversation-friendly. A new activity board collects all the changes in one place, while new threads encourage group conversations among the Pins and comments. More>>

Augmented reality is coming to Facebook — in the form of advertisements

Augmented reality is coming to Facebook, but perhaps not in the way that you would have wanted. Facebook announced on Tuesday, July 10 that it has begun testing AR advertisements within its Newsfeed. More>>

This A.I. goes against the grain, cleans noisy images with a single shot

Noise obscures details in images taken at high ISOs but new research suggests artificial intelligence may be able to take care of it. A new paper demonstrates software that is capable of cleaning up a noisy image in... More>>

AMD’s second-gen Ryzen Threadripper CPUs could rip into stores in August

AMD’s next-gen Ryzen Threadripper desktop processors for enthusiasts will supposedly launch in August. We already knew they were on the way, but now unnamed sources close to AMD are providing an actual launch date. More>>

GM to boost Chevrolet Bolt EV production by 20 percent to meet growing demand

As Tesla takes a victory lap for meeting its Model 3 production goal, GM says demand for the Chevrolet Bolt EV is so high that it will increase production by 20 percent later this year. More>>

The new, cheap Surface tablets could cut corners on processing power

Microsoft's long-awaited resurgence of the Surface line of convertible tablets could sport Intel's Pentium CPUs as a way to keep the price down at around $400, in order to compete directly with Apple's iPad. More>>

AMD’s next batch of Ryzen desktop CPUs may focus on better power efficiency

Although AMD introduced its second-generation Ryzen desktop processors in April, a recent leak shows another batch is on the way that will focus on better power efficiency. One of the processors in question is the Ryzen 7... More>>

Conduct dangerous experiments in ‘Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project’

Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project is the latest expansion for Blizzard's card battler, and it's coming out in less than a month. The expansion adds the ability to fuse cards using magnets. More>>

‘Skyrim’ director Todd Howard: We’ll stop porting it when you stop buying it

Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been wildly successful for the company, and it has been ported to nearly every console. Director Todd Howard said these ports will stop releasing when you stop buying them. More>>

How did this Lamborghini Huracan end up ‘parked’ beneath a Honda Civic?

It was an odd sight for those who happened upon it in Chicago last week — a pricey Lamborghini Huracan sports car "parked" beneath a not-so-pricey Honda Civic. So how on earth did that happen? More>>

Google Phone app will feature direct-to-voicemail spam filtering

It looks like Google wants to end unwanted calls with its latest update. The latest beta of Google Phone, the dialer app for Pixel and Nexus handsets, allows you to automatically send unwanted spam and scam calls to... More>>

Slay creatures at high resolutions when ‘Monster Hunter World’ hits PC in August

Capcom will be releasing Monster Hunter World for PC through Steam on August 9, and those who pre-order the game will receive a few free bonus items. The Steam version will make use of Denuvo DRM. More>>

SanDisk’s Extreme SSD is built to survive nearly every outdoor element

The SanDisk Extreme SSD is a drive built for adventure photographers, offering fast transfer speeds, Mac and PC compatibility, and plenty of storage options, in a package that is rugged enough to survive in the outdoors. More>>

Photo error: Postal Service fined $3.5M for its Lady Liberty stamp blunder

A U.S. Postal Service stamp from 2010 that mistakenly featured the image of a Statue of Liberty replica in Las Vegas has cost the Service $3.5 million in a copyright infringement lawsuit that ended last week. More>>

Airbus to build Mars rover to get first soil samples back to Earth

Getting soil samples from Mars to Earth will give scientists a chance to learn a lot more about the red planet. A project to do this has taken a big step forward after Airbus agreed to build a rover to help retrieve the... More>>

Netflix to remove user reviews from desktop site

Netflix is making another change to its rating system. The streaming service has decided to remove the user review feature from the website. The company has said that it has seen declining use as the service's apps have... More>>

Timehop data breach may have compromised 21 million email addresses

An attacker was able to carry out a cyberattack on Timehop's server because the firm didn't secure an administrative account with multi-factor authentication. As a result, 21 million names and email addresses were... More>>

Check your Switch! Nintendo fans are reporting cracked consoles

The Nintendo Switch has already caused issues for some users, with the system warping or scratching, but players are now reportedly finding small cracks in the top of the console's case. More>>

MIT’s zero-gravity musical instrument provides a soundtrack for space travel

What will provide the soundtrack to our future space exploration? Quite possibly MIT's Telemetron, the first musical instrument to be designed specifically to be performed in zero gravity. More>>

An Apple fan took six months to cross-stitch the original Mac’s Control Panel

Clearly one of Apple’s biggest fans, Glenda Adams recently jumped on Twitter to showcase a hand-stitched version of the original MacOS Control Panel. More specifically, she stitched each pixel as seen on the original screen. More>>

Everything we know about the Nokia 6.1 Plus

It's shaping up to be a big year for HMD. After announcing five phones at MWC earlier this year, the handset manufacturer is reportedly bringing another budget phone, the Nokia 6.1 Plus, to the states. More>>

Next Mavic Pro could offer swappable cameras and safer flight

When the Mavic Air came out, there seemed to be few good reasons to fork out for the older Mavic Pro. But DJI is thought to be prepping a new version of the Pro, possibly one with swappable cameras and safer flying... More>>

MoviePass offers refunds to users affected by service outages

On Friday, many MoviePass users went to theaters to discover that their cards were not working. MoviePass has since resolved the issue and has offered refunds to affected users, but it still reflects poorly on the company. More>>

Think you’re an Apple fan? This collection of prototypes has you beat

Hap Plain owns more than 250 Apple prototypes spanning PowerBooks, iBooks, iPhones and “pretty much everything in-between.” It may be the largest private collection of Apple prototypes in the world. More>>

Your TV just got even more hands-free: Google Assistant comes to Dish

Dish Network has announced it is rolling out Google Assistant integration to its hardware, letting you control your entire TV viewing experience, including DVR, with just your voice. More>>

‘Destiny 2’ Solstice of Heroes event offers a discount on custom T-shirt

Destiny 2's Solstice of Heroes event celebrates players' achievements in the game's first year and they will be able to spend in-game points toward a discount on a customized T-shirt. More>>

World’s tallest camera monopod helps you stay on top of the action

3 Legged Thing's Trent monopod holds 50 times its own weight and stands NBA-tall. Trent holds cameras high or extends as a boom to support a camera or microphone over the scene. Aircraft-grade alloy keeps it light and strong. More>>

English player celebrates FIFA World Cup goal with ‘Fortnite’ dance

Dele Alli, a midfielder for the English national football team in the FIFA World Cup, appeared to do a Fortnite dance after scoring a goal against Sweden. Alli has done Fortnite dances in the past. More>>

CanguRo the transforming robot wants to take you places and be your buddy

CanguRo is a robot on wheels that cleverly transforms between an autonomous assistant and a self-driving mobility vehicle. The team behind CanguRo also wants to give it speech capabilities to give users a more personal... More>>

Northern white rhinos could be saved from extinction by a lab-grown embryo

A few months ago, the last male northern white rhino died, and with him went hopes of preserving the critically endangered species. But now, it seems as though the fate of the rhino may not be so grim after all. More>>

Donald Glover gets pixelated in a ‘This is America’ animation on a 1987 Mac

An Instagram video showcases an animation of Donald Glover performing his from the This is America music video. What makes it unique is that its creator used Apple’s old Macintosh SE all-in-one PC. More>>

Nissan turned a Titan pickup truck into a beach camp on wheels

Dreaming of a day at the beach? The Nissan Titan Surfcamp has everything you need, from racks for storing surfboards and fishing rods, to a built-in shower to wash off the sand when you're done. More>>

‘Fortnite’ Durr Burger sign found out in the middle of a California desert

Fortnite's rocket launch event has created rifts across the map and one of the casualties has been the Durr Burger sign. Then a photographer stumbled upon the burger sign in the actual desert. More>>

Bixby is bringing up-to-date sports scores to Samsung phones with TheScore

This week, theScore announced that it will be bringing live sports scores and news from top sports leagues like the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, and EPL to Bixby. The move represents an attempt by Samsung to make Bixby more... More>>

Think ice is the only way to keep cool? Chill.Systems wants you to think again

Unlike the traditional monstrosities that you've resigned yourself to lugging around at the beach, the barbecue, or anything else of interest during the hot months to come, the Chill.System offers sleek, portable, ice-less... More>>

The next-gen Volkswagen Beetle will morph into an electric four-door vehicle

Volkswagen will succeed the current Beetle with a completely new all-electric model with four doors, as an addition to the company's future lineup of mainstream all-electric vehicles. More>>

This Minion-looking robot will nag you to improve your posture as you work

Called Giiro, this Alexa-connected desktop robot and smart mat posture coach will nag you to stand up straight as you work. Here's how you can get your hands on one, for your own benefit. More>>

When we run out of room for data, scientists want to store it in DNA

We're generating data faster than we're creating ways to store it. Could encoding data in DNA be a viable long-term storage option? A startup created by two MIT graduates thinks so. More>>

Tesla reaches Model 3 production milestone that makes it ‘a real car company’

Tesla has lingered in production hell for months as it tries to ramp up Model 3 production. There's a light at the end of the tunnel, though: It has reached its goal of building 5,000 examples of its entry-level model in a... More>>

Spit-checking mouthguard can tell if athletes are tired or mentally drained

Xerox’s legendary Parc development lab has created a smart mouthguard which can detect early signs of dehydration, exhaustion and mental engagement levels, based on a sample of your saliva. More>>

Torc Robotics expands its self-driving car development team

Virginia-based Torc Robotics is growing its workforce in order to expand its self-driving car development program. The company launched its Asimov autonomous-driving system last year, and continues to test it in Virginia... More>>

Samsung sees a second-quarter slump, due in part to slow Galaxy S9 sales

All things must come to an end, it appears. After reporting record-breaking profits for the last four quarters, Samsung released its second-quarter earnings guidance showing a 0.7 percent decline in sales. More>>

Fans petition Microsoft to save the Surface Phone from cancellation

A new Surface Phone petition has been created to try to convince Microsoft to launch its unannounced Surface Phone. The canceled device gained a cult-like following with its innovative dual-screen design and pocketable size. More>>

Google Duplex could have a new job — taking the place of humans in call centers

It seems that Google may be looking for more commercial ways to employ its A.I. assistant -- not Google Assistant, but rather Google Duplex. According to a report from The Information, Duplex could be replacing human callers. More>>

8 Months after its release, the iPhone 8 outsells the new Galaxy S9

A new report indicates that the iPhone 8 outsold the Samsung Galaxy S9 in May -- eight months into the iPhone upgrade cycle. That's pretty good news for Apple, which managed to grab three of the top five spots. More>>

PG&E applies to build Tesla’s largest-yet battery farm for Silicon Valley

Pacific Gas & Electric applied to the California Public Utilities Commission for approval for the largest Tesla Powerpack battery farm in the world. PG&E would own the Powerpack storage facility with a potential 1.1 GWh... More>>

Light on range and weight, the AM1 ebike is the perfect commuter

With a lightweight frame and smaller battery, the AM1 ebike from Analog Motion looks to upend the way companies think an ebike should ride and look. However, it's 20-mile range means it's hardly fit for long weekend rides. More>>

Watching the World Cup on your phone during a theater show isn’t a good idea

Actors on stage during a theater show in the U.K. this week couldn't believe their eyes when they saw two people in the front row gazing at their smartphones as they watched England's crucial penalty shootout in the World... More>>

Go see your favorite gaming streamers in person at TwitchCon 2018

TwitchCon 2018 tickets are on sale now. The fourth annual all-things-streaming convention includes a couple of new events, including meet and greets with popular streamers and a 50-hour Games Done Quick marathon. More>>

Samsung may launch its first 8K TVs this year, but will the U.S. get them?

At CES 2018, Samsung showed off an 85-inch, 8K version of its QLED TV. Now the company has announced that it plans to launch two ranges of 8K TVs, with one coming this year, though it may not launch in the U.S. More>>

‘Fortnite’ Playground mode to go offline July 12 — but it will return

Fortnite: Battle Royale's limited-time Playground mode will end July 12. The mode only went live July 3, so this is probably disappointing for many fans. Don't worry, though, the mode will return with additional features. More>>

Skype introduces read receipts, but don’t worry, you can disable them

This week, Skype announced that its latest version (Skype 8.26.76) will finally include read receipts. It's currently available to Insiders, though we imagine it will roll out more widely soon. More>>

Netflix planning a new Ultra plan for 4K HDR?

Netflix is one of the most affordable methods of getting the latest video content on the market, with its ever-growing catalogue and generally steady subscription prices. But now, it seems that the popular service may be... More>>

The next Huawei Watch could store a pair of wireless earbuds

The Huawei Watch 3 may be a ways off from release, but that doesn't mean Huawei isn't working on what it could look like. A new patent from Huawei hints at a smartwatch with space to store a pair of true wireless earbuds. More>>

Huawei hasn’t forgotten — expect a foldable phone from company in 2019

Speculation as to whether or not Huawei will release a 'truly foldable' smartphone has been surfacing for years now, but a launch date may finally be near. Huawei reckons it will be releasing the smartphone in 2019. More>>

Doctor Who leak: BBC turns to California court in bid to find perpetrator

The BBC is asking a California court to help it discover who leaked footage from an upcoming season of Doctor Who. The content was shared on the Tapatalk app, and the court can compel the California firm to reveal the source. More>>

Tinder rolls out its new video-looping feature, Loops, across the world

Tinder announced it has rolled out a new feature that allows users to swipe through more than just photos. With Loops, you'll be able to create a two-second loop from an existing video that you can add to your profile. More>>

Apple registers 10 unannounced MacBook and iPad devices overseas

French website Consomac discovered that Apple registered upcoming MacBooks and iPads with the Eurasian Economic Commission. The filings are a requirement for encrypted devices that will be sold in five countries. More>> to get Dark Mode for reading email at night

The feedback hub reveals that a dark mode is coming to Microsoft’s online email client. The company revealed a sneak peek in October, but a representative said it was merely a prototype and needed lots of work. More>>

Apple is reportedly ditching Intel for 5G chips in the iPhone

Apple has reportedly notified Intel that it will not be using Intel's 5G modems in the 2020 iPhone -- something that could have wide implications for Intel's development of its 5G tech. Apple may instead turn to MediaTek. More>>

Can’t wait for the new Ford Bronco? Icon is reviving the original

The Ford Bronco will return in 2020, but if you can't wait that long, California car customizer Icon 4x4 will sell you a refurbished original. Icon's Old School BR looks like a stock Bronco, but hides a long list of modern... More>>

Values rise for Japanese performance cars linked with ‘Fast and Furious’

'The Fast and The Furious' film franchise draws attention to Japanese performance cars to the extent that values for models featured in the films have seen increasing value. Association with 'Fast and Furious' may indicate... More>>

Watch as the U.K.’s defense secretary gets ‘heckled’ by Siri during a speech

Siri, Apple's digital assistant, left a leading member of the U.K. government red-faced on Tuesday after it piped up while he was giving a statement to lawmakers in the British parliament. More>>

Watch Airbus give its whale-shaped Beluga plane a cute makeover

Airbus allowed 20,000 of its employees to choose the livery for the latest version of its massive Beluga aircraft, and they voted for the cutest — and most appropriate — design ever. More>>

Benchmarks show new MacBook Pros will get a caffeinated jolt in performance

There’s no doubt Apple plans to update its MacBook Pros with eighth-generation Intel CPUs, but now a new benchmark gives us a better view. A variant of the next 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar will have Intel's Core... More>>

Amazon is opening a second, much larger checkout-less store

Amazon opened its first checkout-less store in Seattle, and this week the company confirmed a second, larger one for the same city, opening in the fall. The high-tech store lets shoppers simply grab their items and go. More>>

Intel 9th-generation CPUs are refreshes with slight clock speed bumps

Intel's next-generation CPUs have been detailed in a couple of leaked documents which show minor clock speed boosts across the range. What remains for us to learn though, is whether Core i7 chips will have eight cores or not. More>>

Could this be Samsung’s first entry-level Android Go phone?

Android Go is Google's premiere entry-level OS for emerging markets, and while manufacturer adoption has been slow, a Samsung phone could be about to join its ranks, according to benchmarking website Geekbench. More>>

Facebook accidentally unblocked people on more than 800,000 accounts

You may have though that you had permanently muted that pedantic, annoying former "friend" on Facebook by hitting the "block" button, but as it turns out, a bug in the social network had other plans for your online... More>>

7 Times Honda’s iconic Asimo robot blew us away (and 1 side-splitting fail)

Honda recently retired its awesome Asimo robot. The bipedal bot has dazzled and delighted over the years, so as a tribute, we've pulled together some memorable Asimo moments since its first appearance back in 2000. More>>

Future pain-free microneedles could be inspired by mosquitos

Researchers at Ohio State University want to create microneedles for future pain-free injections. And they're looking to everyone's least favorite insect to show them how it's done. More>>

Who controls the tech inside us? Budding biohackers are shaping ‘cyborg law’

With our newfound technological power and vulnerability, we may need a whole new set of laws and regulations, ones aimed at protecting individuals in a society of heightened surveillance and digitization. More>>

Scientists can 3D print human heart tissue now. The future is here

One day 3D bioprinting will be used for printing out entire new organs to replace old, knackered ones. This week, biotech startup Biolifee4D announced a major milestone on the road to this goal. More>>

Your PlayStation Vue subscription is about to go up by $5 per month

Following price increases by Sling TV and DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue has announced that it too will be raising its monthly subscription fees by $5, no matter which package you subscribe to. More>>

Throw some shade at your living space with voice-controlled, self-tinting glass

Sage Electrochromics unveiled a prototype of its dynamic glass called SageGlass back in 2015, and its latest innovation comes in the form of an Amazon Echo compatibility. You can now control the glass with your voice. More>>

Game stream service found adware plaguing over 78,000 ‘Fortnite’ players

Game streaming service Rainway found adware plaguing over 78,000 Fortnite gamers. Rainway's client includes a tracker that records error reports for the engineering team. Hundreds of thousands of reports began appearing... More>>

Amazon has an idea to stop its delivery drones being hijacked

If Amazon's drone delivery service ever gets off the ground, it may have an occasional problem with thieves trying to steal items from the flying machines as they make their way to customers. But it may have a solution. More>>

Twitch Prime gives subscribers a new game every day through July 18

Amazon Prime subscribers are getting an extra bonus with their membership in July, as Twitch is giving away free PC games every day through July 18, including role-playing and adventure titles. More>>

Nvidia’s GTX 11 Series may get people ready for the next generation of VR

Unnamed sources claim that Nvidia’s upcoming GeForce GTX 1180 add-in graphics card for desktops will likely include a proprietary connector for virtual reality headsets to support 120Hz refresh rates over a single cable. More>>

Have a question? Ask it on Instagram with open-ended questions in a Story

Polling public opinion is getting easier than ever on Instagram. The photo-sharing app is constantly introducing new features, and its latest is the ability to ask questions in Instagram Stories. More>>

Morgan Stanley says, ‘Hey Google, give away the Home Mini for free!’

In a dramatic report to investors this week, financial services giant Morgan Stanley said Google should defend its market by giving away its signature Google Home Mini smart speaker for free. More>>

Float off the grid with this solar-powered tiny home houseboat

Full-time residence could be challenging, but Daigno's Le Koroc houseboat is ready for off-grid fishing trips and short-term escapes. The 3-float pontoon boat is light enough to tow to lost lakes and rambling rivers. More>>

Philips claims ‘world’s first’ with a new 4K HDR desktop display

The 43-inch Philips Momentum 436M6 Quantum Dot monitor revealed in April is now up for grabs on Amazon for $999. It's the world’s first DisplayHDR 1000 panel, residing at the top of VESA's new HDR certification system. More>>

Goodbye to Hello, Moves, and tbh: Facebook is closing three mobile apps

It's time to say goodbye to three mobile apps owned by Facebook. The social media giant announced it is shuttering Moves, Hello, and tbh in the coming months. The company decided to kill that apps "due to low usage." More>>

Huawei might be making a powerful phone for mobile gamers

Chinese juggernaut Huawei might be joining the crowd and making its own high-spec, gaming-focused device, set for the end of 2018. Here's everything we know about the Huawei gaming phone. More>>

Microsoft’s Surface Tablet clears final hurdle before launch

Microsoft's Surface Tablet appears to be on track for a launch this year. Recently released documents from the FCC reveal that Microsoft may continue to rely on Intel's processors for its low-cost tablet, contrary to prior... More>>

Tinder is making it safer than ever for you to keep swiping

In a letter to Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, Tinder's parent company Match Group announced that it had implemented changes to ensure that photos sent between Tinder's servers and the mobile app are now encrypted. More>>

How racing simulators are helping stroke victims get back behind the wheel

Strokes and traumatic brain injuries are devastating, but now researchers at Loyola Marymount University are testing whether driving simulators used to train racing drivers can be used to assess and rehabilitate people... More>>

Intel’s next mainstream compact PCs won’t have discrete Radeon graphics

If you’re looking for a new super-compact NUC from Intel, the company is gearing up to launch five new “Bean Canyon” models with eighth-generation processors. Dates and prices are unknown for now, but they will be... More>>

This clever mobile ‘airbag’ could save your phone when you drop it

Have a habit of dropping your phone? Smashed the screen one too many times? Then take a look at this clever case that automatically activates protective prongs when it detects the smartphone is falling. More>>

Multi-lens camera firm Light is putting up to nine lenses in a smartphone

Light has already built a 16-lens camera, and now it wants to incorporate the technology into a smartphone. It claims the nine-lens handset it's working on will produce high quality images, especially in low light. More>>

Get a business phone number the easy way with the OpenPhone app

OpenPhone is a new startup that wants to make it easier to separate business and pleasure with an app that supplies users with their very own business line, complete with opening hours, voicemail, and more. More>>

Live like a (coddled) astronaut in this lunar lander-inspired tiny home

A tiny home situated on the Columbia River in Washington looks like an Apollo lunar lander, and yet still manages to squeeze in a breakfast nook, bedroom, geodesic skylight, and other features in an open floor plan. More>>

Xfinity Mobile will throttle streaming resolution to 480p, hot spots at 3G

Xfinity Mobile Unlimited customers may notice some changes to their service in the near future. The carrier announced it is changing its default streaming resolution to 480p and will only allow customers to hot spot at 3G... More>>

Samsung’s updated Frame TV brings an artist’s touch to your living room

Samsung has released a new model of its Frame TV, which functions as a standard TV when your using it and transforms into a work of art when you’re not. The library of available art has grown to more than 800 pieces. More>>

T-Mobile rolls out better texting — but only to the Samsung Galaxy S7

T-Mobile may have supported RCS in some iteration since 2015, but the company is now finally adopting Universal Profile, which will bring smarter messaging features to those who communicate with non-T-Mobile customers. More>>

Facebook and Twitter introduce new tools regarding ad transparency

Ever wanted to know who was advertising to you on Facebook or how much money a company was spending on Twitter ads? Well, now both companies are making it easy for users to obtain that information. More>>

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  • 'Hotel Transylvania 3' tops charts, 'Skyscraper' stumbles

    'Hotel Transylvania 3' tops charts, 'Skyscraper' stumbles

    Sunday, July 15 2018 11:47 AM EDT2018-07-15 15:47:58 GMT
    Monday, July 16 2018 12:56 AM EDT2018-07-16 04:56:04 GMT
    (Sony Pictures Animation via AP). This image released by Sony Pictures Animation shows a scene from "Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation."(Sony Pictures Animation via AP). This image released by Sony Pictures Animation shows a scene from "Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation."
    "Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation" has checked into the No. 1 spot at the box office in its opening weekend and left the Dwayne Johnson action thriller, "Skyscraper," in the dust.More >
    "Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation" has checked into the No. 1 spot at the box office in its opening weekend and left the Dwayne Johnson action thriller, "Skyscraper," in the dust.More >
  • China's economic growth cools amid trade tensions

    China's economic growth cools amid trade tensions

    Sunday, July 15 2018 10:09 PM EDT2018-07-16 02:09:57 GMT
    Monday, July 16 2018 12:55 AM EDT2018-07-16 04:55:55 GMT
    China's economic growth slowed to 6.7 percent in the quarter ending in June, adding to challenges for Beijing amid a mounting tariff war with Washington.More >
    China's economic growth slowed to 6.7 percent in the quarter ending in June, adding to challenges for Beijing amid a mounting tariff war with Washington.More >
  • Asian shares drift lower as China data, trade cast shadows

    Asian shares drift lower as China data, trade cast shadows

    Monday, July 16 2018 12:35 AM EDT2018-07-16 04:35:32 GMT
    Monday, July 16 2018 12:55 AM EDT2018-07-16 04:55:53 GMT
    (AP Photo/Andy Wong). Women chat as investors monitor stock prices at a brokerage house in Beijing, Monday, July 16, 2018. Shares edged lower in Asia early Monday after China reported lackluster growth data in line with expectations.(AP Photo/Andy Wong). Women chat as investors monitor stock prices at a brokerage house in Beijing, Monday, July 16, 2018. Shares edged lower in Asia early Monday after China reported lackluster growth data in line with expectations.
    Shares lower in Asia on lackluster China growth, trade tensions.More >
    Shares lower in Asia on lackluster China growth, trade tensions.More >
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