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Councilman Wants To Take Away Clerk's $11K Raise

There's more trouble for embattled Criminal Court clerk David Torrence.



A Metro councilman wants to strip Torrence of thousands of dollars after what a Channel 4 I-Team investigation exposed. A resolution aims to hit Torrence in the pocketbook to the tune of about $11,000. It seeks to take away a raise the council gave Torrence about five years ago.


And it all came about after a councilman asked Torrence this question during his budget hearings: "Would you be willing to make any kind of restitution?" a councilman asked.


"I would be willing to consider it," Torrence said.


After Torrence said that, it got Councilman Ronnie Steine thinking. He wasn't satisfied with the council's motion that asked Torrence to resign because that resolution wasn't binding.


So Steine started researching and found in 2006, the council gave Torrence and the Circuit Court clerk both a 10 percent raise, because both clerks served several different courts and deserved extra pay for it.


Steine found the raise could also be rescinded.


So in light of everything the I-Team found -- from Torrence admitting he only works three days a week to skipping work nearly half of last year -- Steine has now introduced a resolution taking away Torrence's raise, which equals about $11,000 a year.


"This is a step to say the Metro Council, which could reward our two clerks for what they're doing, in this instance, is saying, 'There's no extra work, so there shouldn't be extra pay,'" Steine said.


The resolution will be voted on next Tuesday.


This suggested pay cut does not affect Metro's Circuit Court clerk, only the Criminal Court clerk.


As of Tuesday, no one from the council to Metro's Legal Department has heard anything from Torrence about restitution on his part about whether he intends to pay back any money for being out of the office.


In the meantime, the district attorney has launched his investigation into Torrence's work habits.