Investigators Close To Cracking Holly Bobo Case 5-12-2011 - WFSB 3 Connecticut

Investigators Close To Cracking Holly Bobo Case 5-12-2011


Traces of Holly Bobo are everywhere in Parsons, Tenn. Her picture is posted all over town, as are pink ribbons: a reminder that she's still missing.

It's been more than a month since a man was seen leading 20-year-old Bobo into the woods outside her home. But investigators said they think they're just one clue away from cracking the case.

Dana and Karen Bobo have not spoken publicly about their daughter's disappearance since one month ago, when Karen Bobo could hardly stand because of grief.

They are still not stable enough to speak, so a close family friend spoke to Channel 4 News on their behalf.

"Emotionally, it's tough on them," said Kevin Bromley. "You go looking around their home, and you see Holly's picture when she graduated kindergarten, eighth grade and high school, and it just breaks your heart."

Holly Bobo was last seen with a man dressed in camouflage in the woods outside the family's home. Blood was found outside, and Bobo's lunch box was found miles away.

Investigators said each new day brings many new leads and sometimes new information. While they're still not naming suspects, they said they are getting closer.

"They're needing one piece of the puzzle," said Bromley. "Someone knows something, and when they find that, I believe we will find Holly."

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation officials said they are getting more leads than they can check out, but they're also getting hundreds of calls about rumors. They ask people to only call 800-TBI-FIND with serious information.

The Bobo family went to their church in Parsons on Wednesday night, and the congregation said a special prayer for the missing woman.