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Don't get so caught up in hall-decking and tree-trimming that you forget to do a little holiday decorating on yourself.

Busy doesn't even begin to describe life during this party-plentiful holiday season—your plate is full. But who's looking out for you? Between arranging menus, getting your party dress cleaned, coordinating family obligations, and shopping for gifts, make sure to pencil in time for some personal prep. Get spiffy with this handy beauty breakdown. Do one thing on the list—or do ‘em all—and consider it a holiday gift to yourself.

  1. Get Tressed
    An inexpensive way to change up your coif is with accessories. Ramp it up with rhinestones, get creative holding your bangs back, or loosely clasp a lock of hair off your face. Three barrettes in a row is unexpected, flattering, and truly low effort. 
  2. Lash Out
    Nothing says glamour like long, luscious lashes. The nearest drugstore has falsies, one tried-and-true option, and newer lash-boosting technology products that create a fuller, thicker look. Or grow your own lashes with an FDA-approved prescription product.
  3. Sparkle Responsibly
    Glitter adds just the right touch of glamour and light, but use it judiciously or risk gleaming like a disco ball. For the face, focus the sparkle in one particular area, like eyes or cheeks. On the body, use it for highlights. Tap (don't brush) down the center of the arm or leg, and across the shoulders. Tip: Do a preparty practice session.
  4. Steam Clean
    Winter is prime time for a facial. This deep cleansing sweeps away dead, flaky skin and pore-clogging oils, then reinvigorates with a dose of intense hydration to leave skin beaming in a way no cream can. Book the facial for two to three weeks beforehand to give any redness (not uncommon) a chance to subside.
  5. Clutch Hitter
    Why is it the cutest evening purses never have enough room for your top contents (lipstick, keys, phone, wallet)? Swap that small satin number for a great-looking makeup bag. Not only are cosmetic bags often less expensive—they're roomier, too. 
  6. Eau De You
    The holidays are a perfect time to search for a new scent, since retailers try to entice you with a special gift with purchases. Pick up some samples at the beauty counter to wear around before you choose the right one to buy.
  7. Lip Lock
    While you're out shopping for others, swing by the cosmetic counter and pick up anew party-perfect lipstick. Steer clear of the neutral shades and step outside your box with a vampy pink, berry, or red.
  8. Whiten Up
    These days, anyone with a cell phone has a camera, and that means everyone, so go for some smile maintenance and do some whitening. Then confidently flash those pearly whites.
  9. Time Out
    Stop moving, if only for an hour. Get a massage or a manicure. Take a long, luxuriant bath. Carve out some time to put yourself first.