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Prayer organized after ban on pregame prayer over loudspeaker

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(WMC-TV) - Parents of Hernando High School students said they will organize a prayer protest after the DeSoto County School Board enforced a law banning prayers from being recited over the loudspeaker before a football game.

Parents said Wednesday they are going to follow the board's decision, but that does not mean they will keep quiet.

"Our rights are slowly getting ripped away by Congress, by our government and it's being done silently," said parent Mike Coker.

Parents said this is such an emotional issue that they will take the prayer from the stands to the flag pole.

"I'm going to have a sign that says, if you want to pray for our children, join us," said parent Kim Hogan.  "It's going to make a statement."

Instead of being broadcast to the whole stadium over the loudspeaker, the prayer will be on the field before the football game.  Everyone is invited so they do not feel they are being left out of the prayer.

"I would encourage them if they do have a belief, come pray in their way of praying," said Hogan.  "I'm not against that."

Parents said they understand that the Supreme Court has ruled school-led prayer is against the Constitution.  They hope if they are loud enough, that could change.

"Call me a dreamer, but I believe it can," said Coker.  "We are going to bind together as one and see a great movement occur that changes or falls apart at the seams."

Along with Friday night's pregame flag pole prayer, there will also be a prayer gathering on Sunday, September 4 at 4:00 p.m. at the Hernando County Courthouse.  It is called, "Take a Knee DeSoto County."

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