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Furniture Fix

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's Friday and that means it's time for me to test out another one of those 'As seen on TV' products. I've had several requests for this one. The Furniture Fix. It promises to fix any saggy couch, chair and even bed. I test it out in this week's 'Try It Before You Buy It'.

So I made it down to the station's storage basement and found an old wore out couch but it looks like someone has already tried to use their own version of a furniture fix, a cheap piece of plywood. We're going to check the new "Furniture Fix' out to see if it does any better than that cheaper version.

After reading the instructions I find the 'Furniture Fix' comes together fairly easy, AFTER you get the hang of attaching the connecting panels.

My first test was on the old couch. After installing the panels under the sofa's cushion, 'Furniture Fix' holds up pretty well.

For $14 you get enough of the 'Furniture Fix' panels to cover just a little over the space taken up by someone sitting on the couch. So to cover your whole couch you'd probably need to get two sets of the product, so about $28 in cost. Just for fun, I went ahead and checked out what the couch felt like when the plywood was used underneath. It actually felt like a brand new sofa! And, you had that firmness all across the couch and not just in one spot like with the one set of 'Furniture Fix' I originally used.

I also found an old worn out chair in our basement. It too was well beyond its peak years. I inserted the panels under the cushion and found that it did indeed sit a lot better!

After all our tests I found that the 'Furniture Fix' actually does do a pretty decent job of restoring old furniture cushions. However, if you want the same result at a much lower price, you may want to consider buying a cheap piece of plywood cut the size you need. That seemed to do just as well.

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