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Prudence Sloane

Prudence Sloane is a well-known culinary expert who works in television, radio and print.

Her culinary career took off when she opened Prudence Sloane's Cooking School in 1992 in Hampton, CT, after receiving a Culinary Arts Degree from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City. Here she taught professional techniques to home cooks incorporating the science of cooking.

 But it wasn't until she started a food radio show on WHUS in 1993, an almost unheard of concept at the time, that her true calling was discovered – food and media. From there she co-created and was an associate producer and personality on the  "Food Schmooze," WNPR for four years. She later, again hosted her own food radio show called "Simply Food" on WTIC and WDRC.

Her TV career started with her own show, "Let's Eat with Prudence Sloane" of which she wrote, directed and co-produced with AT&T Broadband, which aired on cable TV throughout New England. It was one of the first food TV shows that was about food as a lifestyle.



Prior to her career in food, Prudence was in the arts. Her degree was in Art History and upon graduation worked in NYC for Art & Antiques magazine as an account executive. She later left the corporate field and begin painting full time. After culinary school she turned her artistic eye towards food and worked as Her as a food stylist for print and television.


Her new venture is Prudence Sloane's Hartford City Food Tours which combine a cooking class with a tour of Hartford's ethnic markets and restaurants.

She is a sought after food writer and guest speaker. Her articles and columns have appeared in numerous publications and has been featured on Lifetime TV.


Her husband, artist and wine writer,  says "give her 10 minutes of free time and she'll start a new aspect of her business. This time it better be a book!"


If you don't know, Prudence's hobby, which has now turned into something more, is ballroom dancing. She is with a dance troupe that performs throughout New England.