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Wallingford FD donating 100 carbon monoxide detectors


The first of 100 free carbon monoxide detectors is being given out Wednesday morning by the Wallingford Fire Department.

The donation is part of a greater effort to encourage people to put up alarms. Fire officials recommend anyone living in single or two-family homes should have at least one detector.

Firefighters are warning people to never use a portable generator indoors, never bring a charcoal grill into an enclosed area and never leave a car running in a garage, even if the door is open.

Carbon monoxide is odorless and if left undetected, can lead to serious illness or death. Officials say if you ever start to feel dizzy or weak, to go outside and get fresh air right away.

The first carbon monoxide donation will be given out to a mother and her five children who were accidentally poisoned by carbon monoxide after a hibachi grill was used indoors.

Wallingford firefighters say if you don't have a detector or can't afford one, the donated alarms are available at the fire department.

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