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I-Team continues to investigate Connecticut Vest a Dog


Kathy Prudden was among the many people who contacted the I-Team about our story on Connecticut Vest a Dog.

Prudden raises police dogs and says she made a donation to Connecticut Vest a Dog, but the dog never got its vest.

"It's just so appalling that this man took money," she said.

Prudden raises German Shepard puppies for police work at her log cabin in Stafford Springs, then donates them to law enforcement.

She says when Chase, one of her graduates, joined the Torrington police force in January, she also wrote an $850 check to Connecticut Vest a Dog to cover the cost of a bullet and stab proof vest, but 10 months later no vest.

"I was outraged because I realized that my boy has been out on the street for four to eight months, without protection," Prudden said. "The dogs need the protection now.  And that's really what my primary goal is right now.  It's not so much to go after him."

The Torrington Police Department told the I-Team, "We're owed a vest. We expect a vest." It also referred all calls to the city attorney.

Prudden wasn't' the only person who contacted the I-Team.

The I-Team now knows of four police departments in the state including Torrington, Hartford, and South Windsor who have either not received the dog vest they were promised, or who have had a great degree of difficulty getting it.

The I-team followed up with Mark Moran, at Connecticut Vest a Dog, but he was not available

If you know of any other information about Connecticut Vest a Dog the I-Team might be interested in, please call or email the I-Team.

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