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Manchester company makes moonshine


Operating out of an old factory building in Manchester, business is booming at Onyx Spirits, which has just sold its 1,000 bottle of fine Connecticut moonshine.

"It's an authentic prohibition era moonshine recipe that we've altered a little bit to make it extremely smooth, "said Adam von Gootkin who runs Onyx Spirits with his partner Peter Kowalczyk.

Using savvy social media and word of mouth, they've gotten the word out and orders are coming in.

"It's been customers telling other customers, and customers going into liquor stores and just asking for it and that's the best thing you can ask for," von Gootkin said.

The original plan was to come out with a line of Limoncello as well, but right now they're flat out just making the moonshine.

The partners say they didn't doubt the product would be successful, just perhaps not quite so quickly. And having the moonshine included in the gift bags given to performers at last week's Country Music Awards has given them additional exposure. But they're concentrating on the Connecticut.

"We're in bars, we're in restaurants, we're in liquor stores. We can only distribute in Connecticut, anyway," Kowalczyk.

Everything about the moonshine is authentically Connecticut right down to the Charter Oak seal that goes on every bottle.

"Right now we've been increasing production and we're looking at hiring help with production and sales," said Kowalczyk.

To learn more about the made in Connecticut moonshine visit Onyx Spirits website by clicking here.

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