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I-Team investigates Meriden gym membership woes


Scott Grella, 24, of Wallingford got a new job in Vermont in May, but he got nowhere when he tried to call and cancel his year-long member at Club 24 in Meriden.

Scott's mother, Barbara Grella, said the billing company kept charging her son's credit card.

Despondent, she called the I-Team worried about her son's credit. She said she only intervened when her son wasn't able to make any progress with the gym on his own.

She started by calling the club's billing company, National Fitness out of Utah and got nowhere. She even told her son to cancel his credit card because the $21. 27 a month bills kept being charged to his card every month.

Then she said she got a notice in the mail from a collections agency, who charged her son for September, October, and November fees.

In November, Grella said she sent the billing company copies of her son's new Vermont license, even his electric bill. The gym said it needed proof that her son's address had changed in order to cancel his membership.

"I called National Fitness Billing Company and gave them all the material, rental agreement and electric bill. After yesterday's call when they swore at me on phone I reached out to you because I thought I did everything I could," she said.

The I-Team took a close look at Scott's contract with the gym and the billing company. It says if you move more than 25 miles away you may cancel by mailing a written notice.

So, the I-Team called the gym's billing company. Legally, it said they can't discuss someone else's account with us, so the manager at Club 24 in Meriden called and told them to clear the $125.08 owed on Grella's account.

"Good, I'm glad, but it took you calling because they wouldn't do it for me," Barbara Grella said.

Gym officials say it was an issue between Scott and the billing company.

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