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Gunman confronts Occupiers on New Haven Green

New Haven Police Department New Haven Police Department

New Haven and Yale University Police captured a man they said confronted members of Occupy New Haven and pulled a gun on one of them.

Around 1:13 a.m. Friday, New Haven Police said they responded to reports that a group of black men were kicking the Occupier's tents as they walked through the encampment.

Justin Sabatino, one of the protesters, said he told police that the group was walking through the encampment kicking the tents yelling, "wake up."

Sabatino said he confronted the men when one of them pulled out a gun and pointed it at him. Another protester, identified as Henry Rodriguez, said he heard the commotion and when he left his tent to see what was happening, he said he saw the man pointing the gun at Sabatino.

The group of men then took off running down Elm Street toward York Street.

One officer said he saw the group running at him and tried to stop them.

Police said Dairres Walden, 22, of New Haven, ran down Park Street and hopped a fence, dropping the gun in the process.

Police said he grabbed it and hid out of sight.

New Haven and Yale University Police officers secured the area and began to search for the men.

Police said Walden was seen running back to Broadway. An officer radioed the information and officers from the Yale Police Department spotted him and after a brief struggle was arrested.

Police said he kept trying to reach for his waistband during the struggle.

After being arrested, police said they found a loaded semi-automatic handgun in his waistband and he also had a pair of black baseball gloves and a black ski mask in his possession.

Walden is now facing multiple charges.

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