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Search warrant issued in Bobo investigation


An Ohio man is being investigated by both the TBI and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations for obstructing the investigation into Holly Bobo, the Channel 4 I-Team has learned.

On Wednesday, investigators with the TBI and the BCI served a search warrant at the East Liverpool home of Tony Calabrese.

Investigators seized his computer and other belongings, and Calabrese said he and his roommate were questioned for hours.

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The TBI tells the Channel 4 I-Team Calabrese has been obstructing their investigation by soliciting leads and stating that his tactical search and rescue team is finding clues on the case.

A TBI spokeswoman said Calabrese is not a suspect in Holly's disappearance, but has been obstructing their investigation by soliciting leads and portraying that his search and rescue team is actively investigating on their own.

The Channel 4 I-Team spoke with others who said that Calabrese mislead them into believing he was with law enforcement.

Rose Kopp, a psychic in Hawaii who gained TV notoriety for helping police solve missing persons cases, got a call two months ago from Calabrese, asking her to help find Bobo.

Kopp said Calabrese told her he was with a tactical search and rescue team.

But Kopp said when Calabrese called back, he sounded nervous.

"I sensed a kind of panic or anxiety in his voice, and he said that the TBI had contacted him and told him not to go to Tennessee, to stay out of the investigation, and I said, in that case, I'm out," Kopp said. "He misled me, by telling me he was on this tactical team."

Michelle Crosslin and Jane Tatum said they have been contacted by Calabrese, through the Facebook pages they set up to help find Bobo.

Both Crosslin and Tatum said Calabrese quickly became a hindrance when he chastised people for not searching.

"He has interfered from day one. It's time he stopped. He needs to be stopped," said Crosslin.

Calabrese set up a website under the tactical search and rescue team, featuring photos of Holly, and solicited leads, claiming to pass them on to law enforcement.

But the TBI said Calabrese is interfering with the case by soliciting leads and drawing attention away from their investigation, and asked Ohio investigators to help investigate him.

The Channel 4 I-Team reached Calabrese at his home in East Liverpool, Ohio.

"You're a guy in Ohio who has all this interest in the case. I don't know if you can blame investigators for being suspicious about your interest in this case," said WSMV chief investigative reporter Jeremy Finley.

"I don't blame them at all for that. What I do blame them for is wasting time," Calabrese said.

Calabrese said the TBI is just angry with him because he found information about Holly's disappearance and passed it along to Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam.

Calabrese admits he hasn't physically come to Tennessee to help in the search, and has done all his work by computer.

He also said he has never run a search and rescue team before Holly's disappearance.

"Are you misleading people with this search and rescue team?" Finley asked.

"Several times, I have stated, that we are not law enforcement," Calabrese said.

As for the complaints from the other Holly Bobo Facebook page creator, Calabrese said he doesn't post on those pages and stays away from them.

"The TBI has told you to stop interfering with this investigation. Are you gonna stop?" Finley asked.

"I told Karen Bobo I would do anything I could, like anybody else, trying to find her daughter to bring that girl home," Calabrese said.

Calabrese said his search and rescue team is made up of volunteers, many who have physically come to Darden to search.

Calabrese would not elaborate on what he said he's found out about Holly's disappearance.

Karen Bobo, Holly's mother, had no comment.

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