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Middletown school officials discuss scream rooms


The Middletown Board of Education is taking up the issue of controversial scream rooms at Farm Hill School tonight.

Some parents say these rooms are a distraction to students, a disruption to the learning process and they're afraid a child could get seriously hurt.

Though the issue isn't technically on the agenda, the board of education chair has asked the superintendent to briefly address the concerns.

A father of a Farm Hill fifth grader says a few weeks ago he started learning about a so-called scream room at his son's school.

"It's making my son nervous, what's happening is kids are kicking doors, screaming," the father said.

The president of the Farm Hill Parent Teacher Association recently reached out to the superintendent, the board of education and mayor about the rooms, which have concrete walls and are meant for students who can't control their anger.

"I witnessed two staff members holding a door shut from one of these rooms with a child on the other side as they kicked and screamed uncontrollably," Apryl Dudley said. "I want to see it stopped."

She said some classrooms are made to stop their lesson and either read or color to try to ignore the blood-curdling screams and even take their books and pencils into a different location in the school.

The superintendent said administrators have been working on a support plan and with faculty at Farm Hill. We will be meeting with the PTA on Thursday and with faculty and staff on Friday.

The Board of Education chairman says he's received about a half dozen complaints and a phone call about concerns.

The president of the teachers union says he had several meetings with teachers and the central office about the rooms.

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