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I-Team investigates Bloomfield neighborhood still dealing with storm damage


Frustrated that nothing has been done to remove a tree knocked down on phone and cable lines along her Woodland Avenue neighborhood in Bloomfield, Phyllis Starkie called the I-Team for help. 

On Tuesday, the I-Team caught up with Bloomfield's interim Public Works director Scott Short who says there's no record of any complaint about the tree, which fell down during the freak October storm.

So, the I-Team joined him on site so he could see it for himself.

"It's a hazard tree, it needs to come down. It's close to the road in the phone and cable lines," he said after viewing the tree.

Connecticut Light & Power says it trimmed the branches  around its topmost wires, and notified AT&T of the issue . The phone company still has not gotten back to the I-Team

 Short says the town typically would clear away a tree like this.

 Short said he would call his guy by the end of the week.

 Short says somewhere along the line, there was a breakdown in communication.

 After our calls, police even showed up to make sure this wasn't a hazard.

The town manager acknowledges he did speak with one of the neighbors here about the issue, and says that just didn't trickle down to his staff.

The I-Team is going to stay on top of the story and report back once the trees cleared

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