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CBS 5 News follows the money trail for your lawmakers

Who are your lawmakers really working for?

There's a bill one step away from Gov. Jan Brewer's desk and CBS 5 News can't seem to figure out how it benefits you.

It's House Bill 2664.

"It lowers the amount of information that a credit card company has to provide in order to file a lawsuit against someone who has credit card debt," said Rep. Debbie McCune Davis.

McCune Davis said it also opens the door for payday lenders to pounce.

"In the 2008 election the voters said that payday lenders should not have authority to do business here," she said.

So if the voters said no, what's this bill doing here?

CBS 5 News wanted to find out who's filling the pockets of the bill's sponsors.

Their campaign finance reports helped connect the dots.

At some point over the past couple years each of the bill's sponsors have gotten some money from a lobbyist group called Public Policy Partners.

They lobby for Retail America, a group that's owner also just so happens to own Cash 1, a company that does payday loans.

Some of the sponsors have gotten money from banks and credit unions too.

"This bill continues to bounce back from the dead. It has died a number of times but the interests behind it have succeeded in bringing it back," McCune Davis said.

CBS 5 News reached out to the bill's sponsors late Monday afternoon. 

We spoke with Senator Michele Reagan who said she opposes the bill and that she even voted against it. 

Representative David Lujan, another former sponsor, also said he's against the bill.

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