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Hebron's painted eagle rock a local landmark


It's a local landmark and hard to miss.

The painted eagle rock overlooking Route 66 has become an icon for the town of Hebron.

The rock first appeared as an eagle more than 20 years ago but keeping it colorful has been a bit of a challenge.

"I think its a great landmark, it's been around ever since I've known," said John Klock, a Hebron resident.

The rock has been the talk of the town since 1989 and still has heads turning as it peers down on passing motorists perched next to Route 66.

Former Rham High School student Jason Sawyer painted it to look like an eagle the summer before his senior year, shortly after he left Hebron to head to art school.

 "To me it looked like an eagle's head because of the way the crack on the Marlborough side of the rock kind of formed," he said.

He now lives in Virginia and since then the paint brush has been passed on to the Bordick family who freshened it up and spent a weekend together working on the rock.

 "When you're standing out there scraping paint in the middle of the day you don't think much of it but there must have been over a 100 people just saying thank you," said Andy Bordick.

The rock hasn't always been an eagle.  Residents said it was a frog at one point, a shark and the Bordicks say when they were peeling off the paint there were layers of red and blue paint underneath. So, every time someone has painted it, it changed a little bit.

The Bordicks make sure they leave their mark on it as well.

 "My dad put reflective paint over the eyes and then he painted pupils in so at night you can still see them under car headlights," said Jack Bordick.

Lara Bordick hopes in five years from now another family will do the same and they'll put their little spin on it.

Jason Sawyer is just happy someone is carrying on the tradition.

 "It's my way of saying thank you to the place I grew up," said Sawyer.  

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