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Zagat releases pizza survey results


On Wednesday, Zagat released results of its first-ever pizza survey, which looks deep into the pie-loving public's obsession with the food favorite.

According to Zagat, the United States is actually pretty pizza obsessed, as people who responded to the survey said they eat it at least once a week, consuming a slice or pie on an average of 4.3 times a month.

Results showed that people don't just eat it because its pretty cheap and convenient - 83 percent of the people who responded said they eat it simply because it's one of their favorite foods.

Here's something that won't shock you - people love pepperoni and hate anchovies, but passion around pizza styles may come as a shock to people in the Midwest.

Chicago-style deep dish pizza, so beloved by people in the Windy City, was the favorite of only 8 percent of pizza lovers.

That was beat out by Neopolitan (13 percent), Brick Oven (23 percent) and New York-Style thin crust (which won with 38 percent).

New Yorkers who have long claimed that their pizza is the best can take some time to brag now.

So, what about the way you eat it?

According to Zagat, 38 percent of people opt for the fold-and-eat method and 43 percent eat it flat (and readers, using a fork and knife is still frowned upon).

The majority of people do like to add a little kick to their pies, with 51 percent saying they like to toss some pepper flakes on it, but most people said they are content with a little grease.

Only 30 percent of people said they blot their pizza pie with a napkin to get rid of the extra grease.

Pizza is still the affordable option for dinner with the average slice of pizza ringing up at only $2.99 and a whole pie costs $15.84.

West coasters though will dig a bit deeper to pay for the pizza.

People out west can expect to pay $3.24 for a slice while pizza in the northeast, the cheapest place to get it, costs only $2.72 a slice.

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