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Portageville man charged with murder of 1-month-old boy in court

Kade Stringfellow (Source: New Madrid County SO) Kade Stringfellow (Source: New Madrid County SO)
Karson Stringfellow Karson Stringfellow
Stringfellow appeared in court on Monday. Stringfellow appeared in court on Monday.

A Portageville man is facing murder charges involving a one-month-old child.

According to court documents, Kade Stringfellow, 23, of Portageville was charged last week with abuse of a child resulting in death and murder 2nd degree.

"I know my son and I know he didn't do it," Lora Daniel, Stringfellow's mother, said.

According to the police probable cause statement, a one-month-old child, Karson Stringfellow, was taken to Missouri Delta Medical Center with head injuries.

"Kade is not somebody to harm another individual especially his own children," Jackie Adams, Stringfellow's aunt, said.

Police were notified by the Missouri Children's Division that hospital staff at Delta Medical and also Children's Hospital in St. Louis were suspicious because of "inconsistent stories" from Stringfellow, the child's father.

The child was later flown to a St. Louis hospital.

Police interviewed a neighbor who told police that Stringfellow had called after the child was injured on Monday, July 16 around 1:45 p.m. Stringfellow told the neighbor that he had fallen with the child. The neighbor told police that Stringfellow was along with the crying child, and the neighbor advised Stringfellow to call the baby's mother.

The neighbor went to check on the baby around 7:30 that evening, and told police that the baby had "jerky movements" with his arms and legs and appeared to have trouble breathing. The baby was also crying and noticeably upset.

The neighbor told investigators that she told Stringfellow and the mother to get the child to a hospital to be checked out. She was later asked around 10:30 that evening to watch two other children in the home while they took the baby to Missouri Delta Medical Center.

Investigators say the baby was flown to a St. Louis hospital around 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday and put on life support with a brain injury. 

Doctors told police the baby had several injuries including bleeding of the brain, brain edema, multiple (4) rib fractures, bruising to an eyelid and bleeding into the retinas of the eyes.

Dr. Jamie S. Kondis, pediatrician and fellow with the Child Protection Program at St. Louis Children's hospital, told police that "given the type, number and distribution of findings of different ages in a newborn and the lack of any plausible accidental mechanism of injury to account for them, I have reasonable cause to suspect that Karson has been the victim of child maltreatment, physical abuse type, on more than one occasion."

"Karson has healing rib fractures for which no mechanism of injury was provided," the doctor added. "Karson has no known medical condition that would predispose him to major injury from minor forces.  The amount of force required to produce these injuries exceeds that which is required for routine child care of play- and is of sufficient magnitude that a reasonable adult caretaker would recognize the force could result in serious injury to a newborn."

The baby was pronounced dead at shortly after 5 p.m. on Wednesday, July 18.

During interviews with Missouri Highway Patrol investigators Stringfellow gave several inconsistent versions as to how the injuries to Karson occurred, according to police.  Police say according to reports from doctors at St. Louis Children's Hospital none of these versions were consistent with the injuries.

Kade Stringfellow is being held in the New Madrid County Jail. 

Visitation for Karson Stringfellow was Sunday, July 22 from 6-8 p.m. at the DeLisle Funeral Home in Portageville. The funeral was scheduled for Monday at 2 p.m.

Stringfellow was in court for arraignment Monday morning.

Stringfellow's bond is set at $100,000 cash only bond for the murder charge and $50,000 cash only bond for the endangering the welfare of a child charge.

He is due back in court on August 9.

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