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Fox attack caught on camera


An unusual attack in Hartford was caught on camera.

Three people were walking along a road in a heavily populated, urban area in Hartford when, at first, they thought an animal approaching them was a cat.

But it was no cat.

"He just charged and wouldn't stop," said Chris Bigliardieri.

A story of a crazy fox attacking people in Hartford could leave people skeptical, but a video has surfaced of the entire attack.

"He came right at me," Bigliardieri said. "He was trying to bite me, and I couldn't get away from it."

In the video, the gray fox appeared out of nowhere and charged at Bigliardieri. The animal was relentless and snarling while chasing him.

"It showed teeth," Bigliardieri said. "He tried to bite my ankles and legs. I didn't know what to do, so I kicked him."

But the fox didn't give up. It charged at him and the others he was with.

"When the fox landed, it was like we angered him," said David Rametta. "He went after my fiance and that's when I whipped out the bottle and threw it at him and scared it off. Thank God. It was the only thing that would scare him off."

The most surprising part is that it happened right in the capital city.

Animal control officials attempted to locate the fox but didn't find it. Officials from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection are also looking for the wild animal.

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