Hot LI Sound water forces Millstone unit shutdown - WFSB 3 Connecticut

Hot LI Sound water forces Millstone unit shutdown


Federal energy regulators say Connecticut's nuclear power plant has shut down one of two units because water from Long Island Sound used to operate the plant is too hot following the hottest July on record.
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Monday that unit 2 of the Millstone Power Plant in Waterford shut down Sunday. Water may not be hotter than 75 degrees and it has been averaging 1.7 degrees hotter than the limit.
The federal agency issued an emergency license amendment last week, allowing Millstone, a subsidiary of Dominion, to use an average temperature of several readings. Even with the revised method of calculating water temperature, the water was too hot for the plant's operations.
A spokesman for Millstone did not immediately return a call seeking more information.

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