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Shannon: Brown paper bag book covers are a thing of the past


When I was a kid, I remember during the first few days of school coming home with a stack of shiny new books that needed to be covered in order to protect them the trauma they would endure during the school year.

Mom would go in the kitchen and grab a stack of brown paper bags and a pair of scissors and the two of us would sit at the table cutting and folding until each bag was wrapped neatly around each book.

Fast forward a 'few' years... Yesterday was the first day of 3rd grade for my 8-year-old twin boys.

I took the day off from work to greet them at the school doorsteps when their day was done.

Both boys came out with big smiles and backpacks full of shiny new textbooks. Their homework assignment for the night was to cover them.

I panicked and said to the mom standing next to me "I can't remember the last time I was handed groceries in a brown paper bag! What do I do?"

Much to my surprise, she said, "You can BUY them at Target for about 69 cents."

Buy book covers? Seriously?

So I ran to the store on our way home an sure enough there was a bin full of 8x10 knit book covers in all different colors and patterns.

Immediately I wondered, "Why didn't I think of that?!?"

The kids had a blast picking out which cover they wanted for which book.

Yes, these newfangled book covers are very convenient, but my kids will never know the joy of doodling hearts and flowers on their brown paper bag text book covers. Oh wait... they're boys.

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