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Summer reading book angers Enfield parent


A woman in Enfield is upset with the school system after a book laced with profanity and sexual references was placed on the incoming freshmen summer reading list.

"I was floored," said Christie Bosco after reading the graphic novel, SideScrollers, which was placed on her son's summer reading list. "I was absolutely amazed that anybody would recommend this and put a school's seal of approval on it."

SideScrollers is the story of three friends who have to work together to defeat a bully. However, the book is laced with profanity.

The book was named one of the top 10 graphic novels for teens in 2008, however Bosco said it is not appropriate for a school assignment. On Tuesday night, she expressed her concern with the board of education.

"Parents are busy and they expect that if it's a book that a school system endorses, it's going to be appropriate for their children," Bosco said. "And that's where Enfield failed."

The board of education had previously allowed each individual school to choose the books for its summer reading list. A committee set up by the board will now read the books in advance.

"I think that the book is a bit vulgar," said Enfield Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Jeffrey Schumann. "The topics they tried to cover were covered well, but perhaps there would be other texts that could cover them in a better way."

The book has become very popular among young readers and there is a wait at the library and local bookstores to purchase or borrow it.

However, SideScrollers will not be on next year's summer reading list, Schumann said.

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