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Town council member wants tobacco products banned from pharmacies


A South Windsor Town Council member, who is also a pulmonary physician, said he is looking to get support from the Town Council and town residents to pass an ordinance that will ban the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products from pharmacies in town.

Dr. Saud Anwar said that while he is reluctant to usurp the right to choose from anyone, he believes that society has to intervene when a corporation exploits people for profit.

Anwar said he is perplexed that a CVS in South Windsor is selling cigarettes and other tobacco products while promoting health with the opening of a clinic. He said the stores are sending a mixed message.

"How come a health care facility is selling something that is so deadly that is responsible for killing one out of every Americans," he said.

That's one of the reasons he's proposing the ordnance, which will be presented at the next council meeting Monday at 7 p.m. at town hall.

He said he believes profit from big corporations is taking precedence over health and wellness of their customers. And if he had his way no one would be selling cigarettes and tobacco products.

However, some residents disagree with Anwar.

"It is up to someone like me to decide where I buy them, " said Gail Luchina of South Windsor.

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