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PD: Man holds gun to Dunkin' Donuts employee's head during robbery


Police in Hartford are asking for help from the public in identifying the man who held up a Dunkin' Donuts in broad daylight.

The robbery was reported Sunday morning on Capitol Avenue.

"He put on the mask in our entrance," said store manager Peter DaSilva. "You can see him without a mask first and then he takes off the mask inside the entrance and leaves his DNA on the mask, so police have something to go on."

After walking into the store, police said, he held a gun to the head of an employee and robbed the store.

"I'd like to see him put away," DaSilva said. "Get him off the streets."

Hartford police said they're hoping the series of missteps helps them catch the crook.

In addition to the robbery being caught on tape, another security camera captured the robber casing the store beforehand, and may have captured an accomplice on tape as well.

"He was waiting for the store to be (empty) and less customers," DaSilva said. "He decided to pick this time and jumped in."

DaSilva said his biggest concern were for the three employees and four customers inside at the time.

A few people ran while others were ordered to a corner.

"I feel bad for them," DaSilva said. "They work for minimum wage, usually on weekends. To have their first job and experience something like this, it's kind of harsh."

Anyone with information on the robbery is asked to call police.

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