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Better Cuisine: Warm White Bean, Chorizo and Fennel Salad

Warm White Bean, Chorizo & Fennel Salad

Prudence Sloane

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Yield: 3-4 cups. Serves 6 as a Tapas.

This is a simple bean dish that can be made with any mild tasting bean. If canned beans are used rinse them well in cold water. This dish is excellent served hot or at room temperature and great for a potluck.



3 oz Chorizo sausage, ½" dice

1/4 cup water

½ cup fresh fennel, ½" dice

4 scallions, diced

1/4 cup white wine

2 tomatoes, 1" dice – about 1 cup

1 cup cooked white beans

1 tablespoon chopped fresh fennel fronds

2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil (evo)

1 ½ teaspoon rice wine vinegar to taste (optional)

Salt & freshly ground pepper to taste



Sauté the diced sausage with a little bit of the water until it the fat is released. Add the diced fennel, 1 teaspoon evo, and sauté for 2 minutes. Add the scallion and sauté for another minute. Add the white wine and let it evaporate. Add the beans and tomatoes and toss until hot. Drizzle with the remaining olive oil and season well with salt and black pepper. Toss with the fennel fronds. If serving as a room temperature salad add 1 ½ teaspoons rice wine vinegar to taste.