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Meriden double-stabbing victims were 'looking for trouble'


The Meriden Police Department released more information Wednesday morning about a double stabbing that left one teen dead and another seriously wounded.

On the night of Sept. 21, the Meriden police Department received a 911 call from a woman who said two young men had been stabbed on Kensington Avenue near Midstate Medical Center.

Police said there was an officer at the hospital investigating an unrelated incident, and that officer quickly responded to the scene.

Medical staff quickly began rendering aid to both teenagers, but 15-year-old DeAndre Felton died from his injuries.

"He was a leader," said DeAndre's mother Valda Felton. "He's been there for other kids trying to pull them up and guide them, so it's a little hard to believe."

The other victim, a 13-year-old boy, identified as DeShawn Jones, was brought to Hartford Hospital where he underwent surgery and was listed in critical condition.

The Meriden Police Department quickly secured the scene and spoke with several witnesses, which helped them identify a person of interest within 22 hours of the double stabbing.

Witnesses to the double stabbing gave consistent accounts as to what happened prior to, during and after the incident.

The witnesses told police that Felton and Jones had been with them, as a group, at the Meriden Mall on Lewis Avenue prior to the double stabbing.

When the mall closed, the witnesses told police that they all gathered in the parking lot of the mall, where Felton and Jones, whom the witnesses claimed were both "high," made statements to the effect that they wanted to "look for trouble" and "beat someone up."

"There's no winners in this situation," said Lt. Mark Walerysiak. "Apparently, they were looking for some type of trouble that night."

According to those witnesses, the group walked across Lewis Avenue and entered the north parking lot of the hospital.

Witnesses told police that as they all began to exit through the pedestrian-access gate leading to Kensington Avenue, Felton and Jones broke from the group and began running along Kensington Avenue where they both jumped a man from behind and began assaulting him.

The witnesses said they didn't know the attack was about to take place, and a few moments later, the witnesses told police that the two teens ran back to the group and both collapsed from stab wounds.

The unidentified man who stabbed them ran away in the opposite direction.

"It's heart breaking, heart breaking to hear all these things," Valda Felton said. "It just doesn't seem right. I know how I raised my child."

Felton's father agreed with his wife.

"He wouldn't do that number one," Gary Felton said. "And they say there's some kind of camera, we want to see that video."

Based upon the investigation, the man who was attacked from behind was identified and located and willingly cooperated with police.

"How are you defending yourself," Gary Felton said. "You are one person with a weapon against two others without one. What are you defending yourself against?"

According to police, the statement he made was consistent with eyewitness accounts of the incident. He gave police the pocketknife that he used in the incident, police said.

He said he wasn't aware that he had killed Deandre and police said he became visibly shaken and upset when he learned that information.

The identity of this male is not being released at this time as the investigation is continuing.

"When he learned they passed away, he was extremely distraught didn't know it," Walerysiak said.

The Meriden Police Department is in contact with and is consulting with the Office of the New Haven State's Attorney's office since the investigation began. Police said all of the evidence has been gathered and evaluated, including the findings of the State Medical Examiner's Office.

Police said all of that information will be forwarded to the New Haven State's Attorney's Office for review and legal determination as to the propriety and specifics of what criminal charges may be filed.

Gary Felton still believes his son is innocent and said some witnesses may have "twisted the story around."

"Someone's not telling the whole truth here. You know what I mean," he said. "And it's very upsetting."

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