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Tenants at Hartford apartment building want overflowing dumpster removed


The dumpster behind an apartment building on Nelson Street in Hartford is unsightly to look at and smells terrible, according to residents and neighbors.

Eyewitness News found animals running through the trash, prescription pills were spread out on the pavement and discarded furniture was on the ground was found near the dumpster at 139 Nelson St.

"You got raccoons running around here, and kids play here too," said one resident who would not give their name for fear of being evicted.

Residents of the complex admit that they do not have a lot of money, but they would appreciate the garage being taken care of.

"Put it like this, you paying 800 something dollars a month," said one resident. "Do you wanna live like this?"

Eyewitness News asked New Era Management why they have not picked up the garage regularly.

"And there's been a problem I guess with the collection of the garbage," said an official with New Era Management. "That's something that we're handling right now"

The New Era Management manager said the dumpster has been idle for a week and the problem is the residents throwing garbage in the parking lot.

"We've been doing the best we can to get that done as quickly as possible," he said.

The manager assured Eyewitness News that the problem with the dumpster will be taken care of in the next day or two.

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