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Miles, team "stunned" after loss to Florida

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After Saturday's hard fought 14-6 defeat to Florida, LSU head coach Les Miles said his team was "certainly stunned with the outcome."

While the coach is happy with the effort his team is putting out he says they need to "play smarter and with a wisdom that allows us to use the advantages that we were given in that game."

When asked about the predictability of LSU's offense, Miles answered, "We certainly understand self-scouting and recognize it. The interesting piece is we are a predictable bunch - we're going to run it or we're going to pass. We run things that I think are specifically different and give different choices for the defense."

"I think that when we're in certain sets we are predictable. All that predictability doesn't allow them to defend us any differently. We're putting some new guys on the field, and I really think that given some time, we'll be a pretty strong defense and offense as we get going."

The coach also addressed offensive play calling, "We really settle on those plays long before we get there. When we got there, we felt like they weren't the best plays. We felt that those were warped and prepared and encouraged. Now, anytime there's a play that doesn't work, hindsight being 20/20, of course I'd like to do some things differently. There are maybe some better calls, and we review that on Monday and we go through it. In terms of game plan, (quarterback Zach Mettenberger) called the game plan and I was right with it."

As for where Miles thinks the offense is at right now he said, "I don't think we've gotten there yet. I'm not ready to say that we're not going to be a really good football team here in the future. It's just that we need to do the things that we can do and do them extremely well. We need to execute them at a high level and make our opponents deal with it. It's about us and about what we want to do, not necessarily about our opponent."

LSU plays South Carolina Saturday night at 7:00pm in Tiger Stadium and the coach wants "Tiger Stadium to be a loud and very difficult place to play for our opponent."

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