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Chris Murphy, Linda McMahon back on campaign trail


Republican Former CEO of WWE Linda McMahon and Democratic United States Rep. Chris Murphy have been engaged in a tight senate race with several attacks ads, but they said they want to focus on more on the issues.

Murphy is accusing her of using her millions to buy the election and end Social Security. McMahon accused him of being a career politician, who does not show up for congressional hearings.

On Sunday, the candidates clashed over plans for the economy, taxes, personal financing and other issues in the first debate in the race for United States Senate.

McMahon and Murphy are vying for the right to succeed Joe Lieberman in the U.S. Senate.

Connecticut has not had a Republican senator in more than 30 years.

On Monday, Murphy visited Jonal Labs, which makes rubber seals for the aerospace industry, in Meriden. He told workers and management that there should be more incentives for American-made goods and services, especially the defense industry.

In May, Murphy voted against the National Defense Authorization Act while the other members of Connecticut's congressional delegate voted for it.

"Chris voted to bring our troops home from Afghanistan. We spend $2.2 billion every week there, which we could be investing in Connecticut and across the country," Murphy's campaign said in a statement Monday. "McMahon made millions shipping Connecticut jobs overseas so it's no surprise she refuses to support Chris's Buy American plan to bring jobs back to Connecticut."

McMahon said Murphy did vote against the bill.

"He absolutely voted against it yet he touted it as his own," she said Monday. "This is the challenge I have with Murphy he says one thing in Connecticut and another in Washington."

Murphy did not agree with McMahon's statement.

"This is an attack from a candidate who has a terrible record out sourcing jobs," he said.

McMahon said she supported the time line that President Barrack Obama has set for troop withdrawal in Afghanistan. She also said that she supports buying American whenever possible.

"Sometimes, you have to buy overseas because not everything is made in America," McMahon said.

Murphy attacked McMahon's job plan by saying it is not her own and she lifted it from other sources. McMahon countered by saying she talked to experts and attributed everything.

According to the poll, 48 percent of the 1,696 likely voters that were contacted by telephone, support McMahon, a Republican, while 47 percent back Murphy, a Democrat.

Murphy and McMahon are scheduled to appear in another debate at the University of Connecticut in Storrs on Thursday, and two more have been scheduled for Oct. 15 and Oct. 18.

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