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DEEP crews clean up after Bloomfield transformer fire


The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is overseeing the cleanup of roughly 90 gallons of oil following a transformer fire in Bloomfield on Tuesday morning.

The fire broke out at a Connecticut Light & Power substation on Hoskins road.

The cleanup project is expected to take some time, according to DEEP officials. That's because the fire broke out inside the substation, and crews can't get into the site to begin digging because of the power and electricity running through.

"He drove up and said 'did you hear a big explosion?'" said William Janowetch, of Bloomfield.   

Janowetch lives across the street from the substation. He said he had no idea about the fire until his neighbor asked him about it.

CL&P officials said there was a problem with a 115,000-volt transmission line leading into the sub station. That caused a transformer in the middle of the substation to explode and catch fire early this morning. Oil began to leak from inside and started to contaminate the soil.

"The good thing is it's isolated within the substation, the public can't get to it," said Rich Scalora, of DEEP. "Yes it's a threat to the environment, but it's contained here at the substation."

Scalora estimated about 90 gallons of dielectric fluid leaked into the soil.

The spill is contained to inside the fenced-in area and the public is not in any danger, it's just going to take a while to clear.

"The voltage is ridiculous," Scalora said. "They bring in environmental contractors that use vacuum technology, big vacuums on a truck. They suck up the soil and get down to the point where (the soil) is clean."

DEEP officials will continue to monitor the progress of the cleanup.

No CL&P customers lost power when the fire broke out.

No injuries were reported.

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