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Montville sets zone off-limits to sex offenders


The town of Montville has enacted two laws establishing off-limit areas to sex offenders, drawing criticism from a civil liberties advocate.

According to The Day in New London, the ordinances create safety zones for children and senior citizens.

The off-limits areas are being marked by signs to let sex offenders know they can't go into that specific area.

The hope is that registered sex offenders will stay away from properties owned and leased by the town such as the senior center, senior buses, parks, playgrounds, beaches and sports fields.

"I've seen a lot of it... they shouldn't be around people or on the bus," said Ed Card. "We take the bus around. They shouldn't be allowed on the bus neither."

Some people don't agree with the ordinances and argued the safety zones put registered sex offenders on notice that the town is watching them.

"I think they should be confined to area or things," said one resident who would only be identified as Nancy. "They shouldn't be around children or people."
Andrew Schneider, executive director of the state American Civil Liberties Union, said Wednesday the restrictions trample on basic rights.
And he said the laws are ineffective because they do not focus on offenders who are a threat.

Eyewitness News attempted to contact the ALCU several times on Thursday. However, the organization did not return any phone calls.

If a sex offender is caught in a park or recreation area, they will be given a summons for $99 and ordered away from the area.

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