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Body language expert weighs in on Elizabeth Johnson's court reaction


The mother of baby Gabriel just found out she's not guilty of kidnapping her son. Her reaction in court was very telling, especially to one body language expert.

On Thursday, Johnson sat in court and learned her fate; the jury found her guilty of the unlawful imprisonment and custodial interference charges but did not find her guilty of the more serious charge, kidnapping.

We sat down with a body language expert to better understand her reactions in court.

If you're lying or cheating, stay away from Renate Mousseux, because she'll know.

"I see if you're self assured, I see if you fake a smile," she said.

We showed her Johnson's reaction in court when her verdict was being read.

"She looks down a lot, she's very uncomfortable," Mousseux said.

She says when Johnson blinked excessively and looked down, it means she's tense, or even embarrassed.

"She cannot believe it yet, she's so emotional," Mousseux said of her reaction after the verdict was read.

At times, Johnson manages a smile and even whispers what looks like, "Oh my god." Later, it appears she starts to tear up even possibly say, "Oh my god, I'm shocked."

"This was a shock for her, something she was very excited for," said one of Johnson's attorneys, Charity Clark.

Even Johnson's attorneys admitted their client was prepared for the worst.

"She, I think was mentally trying to prepare for the possibility of a guilty verdict on kidnapping," said attorney Marc Victor.

After the counts were read, Mousseux said Johnson's body language said it all.

"She moves her shoulders up even like a sigh, like, 'Maybe it's coming out OK for me,'" she said.

Keep in mind Johnson could still face up to 18 years in prison but her attorney is pushing for probation and time served. We'll find out at her sentencing Nov.1.

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