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Hospitals offer tips on post-Sandy cleanup

Emergency departments are expected to see a rise in cleanup related injuries from Sandy and now hospital officials are offering tips to residents to prevent injuries.

The following tips are being offered by Hartford Hospital:

  • Know your limits! Leave the job of cutting down a broken tree, which could weigh several tons, to a professional cutter.
  • Wear protective clothing when clearing trees, fallen branches and wood debris. A hard hat is recommended, and goggles will protect your eyes against flying splinters and chips.
  • Do not wear slippery shoes or baggy clothing that could catch in the brush and cause you to fall; always watch your footing while working with power tools.
  • Be careful with ladders. We are seeing injuries as people lose their footing and fall off ladders.
  • Try not to work when you are tired or when you are alone. Many accidents occur in the late afternoon, when you are tired.
  • When picking up heavy wood debris, avoid back injury by getting help. Even a 2-foot log can weigh as much as 100 pounds.
  • Be extremely careful when using chain saws and power tools. Re-read safety manuals before you start.
  • Because a power saw is noisy, you should always wear hearing protectors.
  • Keep children and pets out of the area when you are clearing brush and debris.
  • Be careful working around young, thin trees when other trees or debris have fallen across them. A bent tree can act like a spring pole, propelling a chain saw back into your leg or body.
  • Never, ever attempt to clear downed power lines. Report downed power lines to your utility providers and let them remove or fix downed wires.
  • Turn power tools off when carrying it from one fallen limb to another. Working conditions may be hazardous - heavy brush, slippery ground surface, or steep slopes.

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