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Homes toppled over by Sandy


In East Haven, residents were just starting to get back on their feet following Hurricane Irene when Sandy left them picking up the pieces again.

"I packed up my house last night and I took everything out of it because I knew this was going to happen," said Al Cody, whose home flooded. "When you live down here you know, you know what's going to happen."

Six homes on Cosey Beach are falling over or will have to be torn down after damage caused by Sandy. Decks were left scattered over parts of the road.

East Haven officials said the lower amount of damage is due to the fact that there were more tides with higher surges, but the waves were less intense. The water level is two feet higher than Hurricane Irene.

"I am glad to see a lot of the houses still here, but to see the damage is very sad," said Alison Glass of East Haven.

Dawn Boulas thought the damage was worse after Sandy. She said some of the homes that protected her home from the ocean are no longer there.

"We lost a wall over here and the doors are all bashed up for the garage," said Dawn Boulas, who is a homeowner in East Haven. "We got about four inches of water inside the house and a lot of mud."

Gov. Dannel Malloy surveyed the damage in East Haven and offered his condolences to homeowners Tuesday afternoon. He pledged to support the community again.

"My hearts go out to them my prayers go out to them," he said to Eyewitness News.

A curfew was enforced in East Haven starting at 7 p.m. Officials want people to stay in their homes and do not want a lot of people on the roads. 

The National Guard helped get about 12 people out of their homes and was used on Tuesday night to prevent anyone who was not a resident with a valid identification from coming onto Cosey Beach.

The Weinsteins lost their home during Hurricane Irene. On Tuesday afternoon, they found a piece of their home had returned - their daughter's bed frame.

"We found something like that for me," said Shayna Weinstein. "When I was younger, I would climb into bed with my parents. I would always see that, and to find it again was just amazing."

The Weinsteins plan on sanding the bed frame down and making it into a sculpture, so they can remember their former home.

In East Haven, the mayor said they have already postponed trick-or-treating until Nov. 7. He said they postponed the holiday celebration because of the number of people without power and closed roads.

"The extra week should allow all town and utility crews to get the communities back to normal so all families can enjoy Halloween in a safe and secure manner," said Frank Gentilesco Jr., who is the East Haven assistant director of administration and management.

Many people said they would rebuild.

"I just have a sense of OK, we're going to start again," Glass said.

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