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High demand for ice created by power outages


As power outages persist in Connecticut, people are picking up more and more ice to try to save perishables in freezers and fridges.

The demand for ice from Burnside Ice Company started last week. Orders were flowing in, even before Hurricane Sandy.

"We bagged all weekend," said Jason McClellan of Burnside Ice. "We usually don't actually work weekends."

Normally at this time of year, the company would have only one large order a week, McClellan said. 

"Basically the order came in last night and they needed six pallets... by tomorrow," he said.

The advantage of dry ice is that it's a lot colder than ice made from water and doesn't turn to water when it vaporizes.

"We're doing a lot of dry ice. When people lose power, they want to keep their freezers nice and cold," McClellan said. "We've been selling lots of dry ice. I think yesterday we sold 30-50 pound blocks."

The business is expected to tamper off when homes and businesses have their power restored.

"It's just nice when people show up and they're like 'my freezer's down' and you happen to have some dry ice," McClellan said. "And you can kind of let them know that their $300 worth of meat in there that's now going to go to waste. And a lot of restaurants, they have no power."