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FEMA helps Milford residents after damage caused by Hurricane Sandy


The FEMA mobile disaster recovery center has been set up in Milford for the next five days to help those residents affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Laurie Robinson of Milford spent Tuesday registering with FEMA for the third time after her home near Silver Sands State Park was flooded by storm.

"Nine feet of water, my bottom floor is gone, just finished from Irene and it's gone again," she said.

With wide-spread damage left after Hurricane Sandy and the possibly of a nor'easter hitting the East Coast and Connecticut, residents and Milford Mayor Ben Blake are preparing for the storm.

"That's one of the reasons why we're picking up debris quickly, we have been," he said. "Our public works department, our police department, fire department, all hands on deck to make sure we've buttoned up from the last storm."

The FEMA mobile disaster recovery center will be remain in Milford until Sunday and will be open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. A center was opened in Guilford Tuesday and another will be opened in Stonington later this week.

"The biggest and the most important is what is the result of your insurance claim," said Paul Buffington of FEMA. "Were they able to give you some money, not enough, nothing. We need to know and that will enter into the equation of how your claim is processed."

Residents must register with FEMA and provide an address of the damaged property along with contact and insurance information.

"For first-time people, I remember I was having a nervous breakdown, FEMA was there," Robinson said. "They make the process as simple as possible."

With the possibly of a nor'easter hitting the East Coast and Connecticut, Blake has asked residents to celebrate Halloween on Friday instead of Wednesday. City officials moved holiday celebrations because of the number of downed power lines and fallen trees on Milford streets.

The governor's office has prepared a fact sheet for Connecticut residents to help them apply for federal disaster assistance after Hurricane Sandy

"Right now, one of our top priorities following Storm Sandy is to help individuals and business owners get their lives back to normal as quickly as possible," said Gov. Dannel P. Malloy in a statement Tuesday. "This fact sheet is a one-stop resource for residents - one that will be regularly updated with the latest information."

To read the fact sheet, click the following link.

The state emergency operations center will remain open for the "foreseeable future at full activation level," Malloy said Monday.

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