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Eyewitness News investigates claims of faulty asphalt work


After Eyewitness News aired a story about a woman having trouble with Connecticut paving company, other viewers contacted the television looking for help with their own claims.

In October, Autumn Craig from Colchester contacted Eyewitness News about problems with the paving job on her driveway after a year ago, she had Tom Cooper add extra asphalt to her driveway.

"According to my receipt this was supposed to be two inches thick, once it was compacted. That clearly is not two inches," Craig explained to Eyewitness News. "That doesn't look like two inches, all you gotta do is touch it and it comes up a little bit."

For several months, Craig tried to contact Cooper about the work and he did not respond to her calls. But, after Eyewitness News was contacted, the contractor agreed to fix the issue.

"I really appreciate you guys (Eyewitness News) kinda sticking with it," Craig said. "I don't really think they'd be here, if it wasn't for you guys."

After seeing the story, Butch Negrelli of Middletown approached Eyewitness News and told the station that Cooper also used extra asphalt for a job on his driveway about 10 years ago. However, soon after there was a big depression where his driveway meets the road.

"He never fixed it. It was like five or six months after and it was all cracked," Negrelli told Eyewitness News. "It started to sink, and he said no, 90-day guarantee and that was it."

However, Negrelli never filed a complaint, but another customer of Cooper's did. Dave Cavanaugh of Middletown also had his driveway replaced 10 years ago by Cooper's company. 

Cooper did not replace the apron at the end of the driveway and in essence, only did 95 percent of the job.

"I called him a couple of times. He became very defensive and wasn't very appropriate on the phone," Cavanaugh said. "And basically just told me to sue him."

When Eyewitness News asked Cavanaugh what he did next, he said "I sued him."

"I can't believe that the state still allows somebody like this to do, to still be in business," Cavanaugh said.

Eyewitness News tried to contact Cooper multiple times, but were unsuccessful at reaching him. Eyewitness News approached Cooper when he was repairing Craig's driveway this week, however he chose not to speak to the station.

"They (state of Connecticut) don't do anything unless they have multiple complaints against the same person, in the same time frame," Craig told Eyewitness News.

The work being done on Craig's driveway appears to be better than what was originally done. However, she plans to stay in touch with Eyewitness News in case of any problems.

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