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Milford moves forward with Sandy recovery efforts


As residents along the shore recover from Hurricane Sandy, support continues to come in for victims in Milford.

On Thursday night, the Board of Aldermen signed off on setting up a fund for flood victims.

In addition, home that were destroyed will be rebuilt, and the city is looking at ways to waive permit fees in the hopes of speeding up the rebuilding process.

"Even though people might say the permit might be $100 or something, with everything else you're facing expense wise, it means something, you feel like the city is looking out for you," said Francis Altieri of Milford. "Just to make it a little easier for people."

After his home was hit hard by Hurricane Irene. Altieri braced himself and his home, which has been in his family since the 40s, for Hurricane Sandy.

"It's devastating the one thing being down here, whether its you directly that got the big hit or not, we all feel it," he said. "It's a close neighborhood."

Sandy filled his yard with three feet of water and tore siding and shingles off his home. Altieri considers himself one of the lucky ones.

"We have thousands of people that experienced damage and hundreds that no longer have a place to live until they're able to rebuild, that's what we're working towards," said Milford Mayor Ben Blake (D).

Blake said he wants to permanently waive building permit fees after a major disaster is declared.

The Sandy assistance fund, according to the city, will allow money donated by individuals, businesses and organizations to get right to those in need.

Additionally, assistance remains available. On Saturday, Milford will hold another relief and recovery fair at the Parsons Government Complex.

It held one last weekend with city and state agencies along with local organizations on hand to answer any questions residents might have when it comes to getting relief and services available.

On top of that, officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency will continue to have a presence in Milford through the weekend.

The mobile disaster recovery center will be in that same location through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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