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Case of whooping cough confirmed at RHAM


Officials with Regional School District No. 8 have confirmed that there has been a case of whopping cough, also known as pertussis, at one of the schools.

The school system is taking precautions to make sure no other students become infected because the illness is contagious. Whooping cough can have a serious effect on infants, who should be fully vaccinated for the disease.

In the letter sent to parents, the school is indicating that children, teenagers and adults, especially pregnant women should be vaccinated for whopping cough.

"Pertussis vaccines are highly effective," said Superintendent of Schools Robert J. Siminski. "But if pertussis is circulating in the community, there is a chance that a fully vaccinated person can catch the disease."

The symptoms for the cold include "a prolonged or severe cough," according to the letter.

For more information on the disease, click the following Centers of Disease and Prevention link.

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