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Ellington Company Turns Horse Manure Into Fuel


With winter approaching, a local company is using manure from local horses to make bricks for heating and there is a growing demand for the product. 

Connecticut is the number one per capita state for horses, with 150,000 in state and combined they produce about 1,750 tons of manure each day, according to Mike Richey of Brickenmore Facility in Ellington. 

His facility handles about 30 tons of manure a day and they even found a way to get rid of the smell.

"We have a patented process that we have six patents on and we run the process through and we get rid of it all," Richey said.

The bricks can be burned in fireplaces and wood stoves, and according to employees at Brickenmore Facility, the bricks have a longer burn time and create less creosote and ash.

"We provide more BTUs than a hardwood," Richey said.

After working out the kinks, the business has been flooded with orders since people are looking for a lower cost fuel to heat their homes. 

"There's plenty of demand," said Tom Valyo of Brickenmore Facility. "We're not quite up to speed to fulfill all that demand so it's a nice problem to have."

With the increased amount of orders, the Brickenmore Facility is expected to create 20 to 30 new jobs for the region.