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Pay It Forward

Bristol woman pays it forward to friend in need of new appliances


Nancy Suprenant of Bristol was watching Channel 3 last month when she saw a commercial for the "Pay it Forward" contest and decided that she could help a co-worker, who had fallen on tough times.

"I says 'geez. Just for hokey, maybe I'll try.' And I did," Suprenant told Eyewitness News. "Then voila, a few weeks later I get a phone call. I was really amazed."

Suprenant told our judges she wanted to help her friend and co-worker Dawn LaFountain, who's been through some tough times this year.

LaFountain had foreclosure issues "and then she had lost a pet. And then she ended up with plumbing problems and her furnace blew up and her husband's car died." Her car died, too.

Add to that appliance problems: "She had a refrigerator that died. Her stove died."

So it was time for WFSB to step in to help Suprenant "Pay it Forward."

WFSB's Denise D'Ascenzo handed $500 to Suprenant.

"Wow. She (LaFountain) is just going to be so happy to see this," she said after receiving the money.

With our camera crew following behind, Suprenant headed off to LaFountain's house with cash in hand and knocked on her door.

"Hey, Dawn ... I just won this contest and it's called Pay it Forward," Suprenant told LaFountain when she came to the door. "I entered you into it considering all the woes you've been going through and you have won $500."

After hearing she had won the money, LaFountain was shocked.

"Oh ... my God," she said. "We just won $500."

When D'Ascenzo and the crew went in minutes later, LaFountain admitted she's had some rough days, especially in the recent past.

The family dog, which they've had for 17 years, died on Monday.

And just when they finally got a new furnace, LaFountain said there was some sort of electrical issue in the wall that caused the center of the house to sizzle and smoke. She said that while there was no serious damage, her family did lose lights in a section of the house for a period of time.

LaFountain said the $500 she received from Suprenant will go toward paying bills and making repairs to her home.

And LaFountain said that Suprenant's act of kindness is "amazing."

WFSB continues to Pay it Forward next week. We hope you'll tune in.

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