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MA Gaming Chairman visits Greenfield


Members of the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce and the Greenfield Business Association heard from the state's gaming commission chairman, Stephen Crosby this morning about the effects a Western Mass casino will have in all surrounding communities.

"I think it is the more distant concerns not that we are going to have a casino in our neighborhood, but there are for example a lot of tourist attractions in the Deerfield area that don't want their clientele siphoned off to the casino," said Crosby.

"We have a lot of tourism and hospitality interests here that I would like to see carry on and not be devastated by people spending all of their disposable income at casinos," said the President of the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce, Ann Hamilton.

Casinos are currently being proposed in Springfield and Palmer.

"There are so many things that will be impacted I think we need to be ready and try to prepare for what sort of ramifications will happen as a whole new industry begins in Massachusetts," said Hamilton.

Crosby told the group that local businesses need to reach out to potential casino developers in an effort to enhance their working relationships.

"Local folks have to take the initiative themselves to go to the developers and say we need to talk," said Crosby.

Crosby used examples such as a casino providing a Groupon discount to visit local tourist attractions to provide discounts and incentives for casino goers to venture outside of a casino resort.

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