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Manchester Marine accused of severely beating Springfield officers

Christopher Braun, 33, of Manchester is being accused in a melee at a Springfield bar. Christopher Braun, 33, of Manchester is being accused in a melee at a Springfield bar.

A United States Marine from Manchester is one of nine arrests after being accused of jumping and severely beating two Springfield, MA, police officers early Saturday morning.

Just before 2 a.m. Saturday, a police officer with the Springfield Police Department was on duty working "extra detail" at Fat Cat's on Worthington Street when a huge fight broke out inside the bar.

The fight involved two women, and the officer tired to break it up when she was jumped by other fighters and was severely punched and kicked in the head.

Another officer was also at the scene and tried to come to the aid of the female officer that was being attacked, but he too was attacked.

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The officers were unable to radio for help because of the amount of people attacking them, but one of the officers was able to key her portable hand unit and the dispatcher was notified.

The dispatcher realized the severity of the situation and an "all cars" was dispatched that the officers were in trouble and needed help.

More police officers arrived, and by that time, the bar melee had exploded into an estimated 60 drunk bar patrons.

As the officers attempted to break up the fight, they were greeted with resistance and the patrons were fighting with officer.

A total of nine people were arrested in the brawl, including four United States Marines.

The four Marines arrested were identified as Allan Wilson, 24, of Springfield; Miguel Ofray, 26, of Springfield; Gissette Lopez, 25, of Chicopee, MA; and Christopher Braun, 33, of Manchester.

Five others were arrested during the melee and were identified as Madeline Lopez, 26, of Springfield; Tiffany Pizarro, 21, of Springfield; and Hector Diaz, 24, of Texas.

Hector Lopez, 21, of Chicopee was arrested twice.

All of the people involved were seen in Springfield court on Monday and Fat Cat's was written up for violations to the Springfield License Commission.

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