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Hostess will go into mediation with union


The Twinkie will lives on for another day after a federal bankruptcy judge ordered Hostess and its second-largest union to go into mediation Monday afternoon.

The bakery union has been on strike since Nov. 9 after contract negotiations fell apart. On Friday, the company announced that they would be going out of businesses. Thousands of workers were told abruptly that they no longer had jobs.

Consumers also stampeded to stores as they tried to get their hands on what they thought would be the last box.

With this new order, the two sides are expected to sit down for a mediation Tuesday.

"I know the kids love them," said Mary Joy Ludemann of Chesire. "And I hope they still stay in business because with the economy struggling the way that it is, I think it's nice to have a treat."

Many people including residents of Connecticut are crossing their fingers they not only save their sugary sweets, but jobs.

"I hope they're able to do that and work it out," said Carol Zandri of Cheshire. "Not only for the desserts that we all love but for the employees, so they won't lose their jobs."

However, some residents were not upset about the Twinkie's possible end.

"There's bigger fish to fry," said Tracy Catalanotto of Cheshire. "Don't get upset over Twinkies, people." 

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