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Four Marines arrested in Fat Cat barroom brawl


Nine men and women arrested during early Saturday morning's bar fight outside of Fat Cat's Bar and Grill appeared in Springfield District Court on Monday.

Police told CBS 3 that four out of the nine arrested during the brawl were Marines, including Allan Wilson, Miguel Ofray, Gisette Lopez and Christopher Braun.

Most of those arrested faced assault and battery charges. However, some also faced charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and affray, which is a legal term used for someone who is in a fight involving more than two people.

Police said the fight took place around 2 a.m. on Saturday inside the Fat Cat. The fight quickly moved from the bar and then spilled onto Worthington Street. Two police officers were reportedly inside trying to stop the fight when it broke out. However, the fight escalated to the point where 20 officers had to be sent to the scene because police say 60 people were involved in the fight.

Four officers had to be sent to the hospital for injuries including a concussion, broken bones and sprains.

Although the injuries weren't life-threatening, police said that it will take some officers a while to recover, including the female officer injured.

"She got hit from behind, a couple of times... severe concussion... unfortunately she is going to be out close to a month," said John Delaney, a sergeant at the Springfield Police Department. "Being a police officer is a tough job and we know we can get hurt going after robbers, pulling kids out of a burning building, but when four officers get hurt in a drunken brawl, there's just no excuse for that. That should never take place."

In order for violence like the brawl not to not take place, the city has been taking a closer look at the curfew sanctions they have been imposing on entertainment establishments in the area.

Fat Cat was reported to be one of the first bars to have their curfew extended to 2 a.m. by Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno.

The Fat Cat will be facing repercussions from police and licensing officials.

"We write up the bar for disorderly premises and some other violations. It then gets forwarded to the mayor's office and then the license commission. It's a process we can't hurry, but it will probably go through in another month or so," Delaney said.

Delaney also cautions people who plan to go out on Wednesday night, one of the biggest drinking nights of the year. He told CBS 3 that police will be out in full force, especially on Worthington Street, and they will have no tolerance for violence.

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