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Black Friday

Get the inside scoop for Black Friday deals

© Black Friday means getting up early for holiday deals. © Black Friday means getting up early for holiday deals.
© Many stores are offering Black Friday deals. © Many stores are offering Black Friday deals.
© Brad Wilson is the founder of the website BradsDeals. © Brad Wilson is the founder of the website BradsDeals.

If you're one of the estimated 147 million people who are expected to be shopping his holiday weekend, you've probably been scouring the Internet and newspaper ads for the best deals.

Channel 3's Kara Sundlun spoke with one of the best in the bargain hunting world, Brad Wilson, founder of the website BradsDeals.

"Black Friday is really a broad-based sale where you can get a great deal on essentially anything," he said. "And you know, for the most part, the best deals are going to be on Friday or very late on Thursday. So it's sort of the 24-hour period, I suppose, between Thanksgiving dinner and Friday evening."

But, why not shop later when it's less crazy?

"If you look at the entire holiday season, the way I approach it is you want to shop early or shop late," Wilson said. "So Thanksgiving weekend, you know, with Black Friday continuing through Cyber Monday, it starts out with a very broad-based sale. It's almost like shooting fish in a barrel. You know, you can buy basically anything and get a very, very competitive price on it. You don't want to shop in the middle ... The store ... You know, what we've seen in the past years is that prices basically jump up for three or four weeks when the average consumer who's not as price conscious as maybe I might be is shopping."

Then, just before Christmas, prices drop as stores try to get rid of their inventory.

If you're going to go for the deals on Black Friday, Wilson says now is the time to do your homework.

"The big game changer in the last few years is that it's the one day all year that's completely transparent weeks and weeks in advance," Wilson said. "So you can go online right now and look through all of the circulars and literally store by store, page by page and see every single thing that's going to be on sale and exactly what price it's going to be. It's a very unique dynamic in retail. And it's completely in favor of us as consumers."

But what about buying gifts online? Cyber Monday is Dec. 3, but online deals will be in effect on Black Friday, too.

"You know, 70, 80, 90 percent of the deals that are in stores you're going to see online and then Amazon and some other folks are going to be really aggressive online as well on Friday," Wilson said.

So what are some of the best deals you'll see on Black Friday?

"So Amazon online is going to have a $97 32-inch flat screen TV," Wilson said. "That is the lowest price I've ever seen for a similar TV by at least $60 or $70. So that's incredible. Walmart is going to have a $38 blu-ray player. You know, there's laptops under $200. You know, these are things that you just don't see every day."

One other tip - search out coupons.

There are some great websites offering either coupon or promotion codes for online purchases and you can also search out printable coupons for in-store shopping.

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