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Gas explosion destroys daycare facility in Springfield


One year after a tornado was destroyed a daycare facility on Springfield, another facility across the city was destroyed by an explosion Friday.

"For us, right now, it's just extremely surreal," said Kim Lee, who is the vice president at Square One Daycare.

The Square One daycare facility on Chestnut Street is located yards away from a massive natural gas explosion. 

Human error is being blamed for the explosion that damaged 42 buildings and injured nearly 20 people. The massive natural gas explosion occurred at the Scores Bar & Nightclub near the intersection of Chestnut and Worthington streets around 5:30 p.m. Friday evening.

People and businesses affected by the massive explosion in Springfield started filing damage claims at city hall Monday as they try to recover from the incident.

"It's emotional for us, first and foremost thank God we were closed," Lee said. "Just looking down at the damage now and seeing it and really, fully comprehending, how awesome it was, the fact the building was empty at the time is truly a miracle."

According to Lee, the daycare would normally have more than 100 children inside it around the time of the blast, but because of the holiday, the facility closed early.

Lee said Square One, which has been a part of the Springfield community for more than 100 years, will need $50,000 by Tuesday to give its children a place to go.

"The 50,000 represents 7,000 a classroom and we lost seven rooms," she said. "Seven times seven is 49 dollars and if we get that money, then we'll be able to keep the children together. We do have a temporary location, we're ready to move in, we just don't have the resources right now."

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