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Book details author's underage sex relationship with AZ senator

Author Amber Walter Author Amber Walter

A new book by a Valley author is going to hit store shelves this weekend, and it is causing quite the controversial buzz. The book, The Three Year Lie, details author Amber Walter's underage sexual relationship with an older man she says was an Arizona state senator.

The book is being marketed as a work of fiction, but Walter claims it is a true story, though names have been changed.

"He ruined my life. He was horrible. I have so many self-esteem issues," said Walter, referring to Damien Preston, a made-up name for the man she said she had a sexual relationship with from age 11 through age 15.

"I'm not trying to sell books. I'm not trying to convince anybody of it. It's definitely true. It's real. The meat of it is real," she continued.

Walter said she wrote her book after being urged by her therapist to write down what troubled her from her childhood.

"I think of (The Three Year Lie) as a platform for other women who are abused as little girls that don't really have a place to talk about it. Maybe this book helps?" she said.

However, she said she changed the names of the main characters since she has no formal proof of her relationship. Walter said she is not comfortable releasing the name of the state senator that abused her.

"I can't say (who Damien Preston is). I'm not ready yet, but he's a very powerful man. That's what I can tell you," she said during an interview with CBS 5 News.

The book's cover looks strikingly similar to the cover of 50 Shades of Gray. Walter said the final published copy will not have those similarities. She also said she is not trying to romanticize the underage relationship she had with Preston.

"I was being honest, but unfortunately when you're that young, that's what happened. I wasn't trying to sugarcoat it. It seems romanticized in a way because that's how I felt. I felt safe. I felt like it was OK."

The final copy of the book is being released Dec. 1. Walter said she's glad to finally tell her story.

"As I was writing (the book), it was like getting this cancer - this disease - out of my body," she said.

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